Donuts and Deli Closes

Owner Kushan Patel says he parted ways with original co-owner. He does plan to reopen the deli next week after the split. We will update any other changes as we get them.
We have received word that Donuts and Deli, located at 308 Main Street, is now closed after right at 2 months in operation.
The small shop featuring artisan donuts, assorted pastries, breakfast, and deli sandwiches opened in Mid-October, taking over the space that once held the short-lived Bruno’s Deli.
We have confirmed the closing with one of the owners involved. Additionally, their Facebook page has been taken down, calls to their number go unanswered, and other businesses in the area spotted equipment being removed from the location earlier this week.
The 300 block of Main Street has seen a massive resurgence over the past couple of years, catering to both downtown workers at lunch as well as attracting people at dinner to the downtown location.
This has been the second restaurant to close in downtown Little Rock lately after a very short-lived existence. Hopefully, this does not become a common trend.

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