Drink Insider: Tim Berkley of Flyway Brewing

Ever wish you could get to know some of the people around town who create and serve up your favorite drinks without it being a little awkward? Welcome to drink insider. We sit down with some of the biggest names in the craft beer, distilled spirits, and bartending scene in Little Rock and ask them some of the questions you only ask before the cab comes.
This time we chatted with, Tim Berkley, brewer at Flyway Brewing.
Where are you from?
Little Rock, born and raised.
Can you describe your “work space” here at Flyway, so to speak.
Back here in the brewery, the brew deck is my little office. We have a ten barrel system. … I really love working with all of the equipment, plus, I’m working with my friends which is awesome … We’ve really got a groove going.
How did you first get involved with Flyway?
Matt Foster was my English teacher his first year teaching at Central. We became friends, and then later I saw him pouring beer at an event at the Bernice Garden. After that I started helping him brew in his garage.
Were you already into beer at that point?
Oh yes, I’ve always liked beer. In 2013 we made a really fantastic beer and I was hooked on the process. … I would help Matt brew at Loblolly every Saturday on my day off. He told me then that I could have a job with Flyway as soon as they were ready to go big. So I came on last July when they started getting things ready for the space.
What’s your official title?
I suppose I’d be called a ‘brewer.’ It’s surreal to think that I make my living from beer. I never thought that would happen.
What’s your favorite beer to drink and/or brew?
I like to drink stouts and the darker beers, really. As far as making beers, the process doesn’t really differ all that much – I just like to brew.
You’re from Little Rock, how do you feel about the exploding craft beer scene?
It’s so exciting. There’s a special comradery in the community, too. It’s not like we’re in direct competition – everyone helps everyone else out whenever they can, lending equipment and knowledge. It’s really like a brotherhood.
What do you think the beer scene is lacking?
I don’t really know how to answer to that one. I’m just ready and excited for the new things coming in – specifically Rebel Kettle – I can’t wait to see what they bring.
Where’s your favorite place to go out to eat?
Taqueria Guadalajara is definitely my favorite restaurant, it’s located in North Little Rock. They have the best Mexican food.
What are some of your hobbies outside of beer?
I like to play guitar, hunt, anything outdoors. Arkansas is beautiful – I like to canoe. … I still haven’t been everywhere I want to go in this state, even around the Buffalo river and I’m pretty sure I’ve been every year of my life.
If you could travel anywhere for beer, where would you go?
Asheville, N.C. I hear it’s pretty sweet, and I haven’t been yet.

Author: Becca

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