Eat Some Cheese Dip, Save the World

Ok, so maybe saving the world is a little bit of a stretch. But the greatest part about the World Cheese Dip Championship taking place this Saturday at the Clinton Presidential Center is that it very directly impacts the lives of people who need it the most, changing the world in many ways for them.
Beyond the access to more cheese dip than any one human should ever consume, the partnership with Harmony Health Clinic is a big part of why you should make it out to the event this year. Harmony Health provides free medical, vision, and dental work to the Little Rock area’s most at need residents.
The World Cheese Dip Competition helps fund dental work, prescriptions, health and wellness exams, and much more. They have served over 15,000 patients with a total impact of nearly $9 million. Plus there is a lot of great cheese dip, so it is one of the easiest ways to enjoy doing good.
This year’s festival features 30 dip makers, the event’s full capacity and some, from both amateur and professional categories. Some of the restaurants participating include 42 bar and table, Black Angus, David’s Burgers, Fassler Hall, Food Geek Taco, Sandra Rose Kitchen, Say Cheese food truck, Stoby’s, and the Purple Cow.
Full disclosure, I am one of the judges for the weekend, so if you go you have to endure at least a second or two of me.
The event is in the parking lot of the Clinton Center this Saturday from 12-4. Tickets are $15 at the gate and include all the cheese dip you could ever possibly want to eat. Children under 5 are free due to limited stomach capacity.
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