El Sur Street Food and the Beauty of Honduran Cuisine

What started with cooking family meals during an internship with Heifer international, has blossomed into one of the best farm-to-table food trucks in Central Arkansas. For Luis Vasquez and Darren Strayhorn, bringing people fresh food that is grown locally is the ultimate goal. El Sur Street Food combines a passion for delicious fresh farm-to-truck food options and amazing customer service.
Luis got his start in cooking by seeking healthier options for himself in his native Honduras. Later on while sharing a kitchen with seven other interns at the Heifer International farm, Luis realized that he loved cooking for others. He enjoyed the smiles on everyone’s faces as they ate his food. One night, someone attempted to make homemade tortillas. “I looked at what they were doing and was like that’s not right so I learned how to do it and they loved them.” For the rest of the internship they would have taco nights every Friday with Luis doing the cooking.
During the taco nights Luis began to introduce his colleges to authentic Honduran food. “Most Americans are scared of Honduran food, so I decided to introduce it slowly”. First he cooked for Darren, who is now his husband, and then the rest of his colleagues. They began to come around to the new flavors as most had never eaten things like fried plantains or fresh refried beans.

After completing his internship and moving to Little Rock, Luis began to work in various kitchens around the city. After a few years of seeing how kitchens run and witnessing other food trucks pop up, Luis and Darren decided that it was time to open their own truck. “I always tell people that this is my dream and Luis’s passion. I left a corporate job after 7 years to help out on the truck and to make sure that I support my husband in any way he needs it.”
Setting up at the Bernice Garden every Friday is the best way to check out the delicious menu. Everything is locally grown and handmade, the meat comes from farms in Perryville and the produce is from local farmers. The Baleadas and Arepas are truly amazing. The refried red beans, Honduran crema, pickled onion, avocado, and fried plantains make for a truly exquisite experience.

If street tacos are your thing, Luis makes some of the best in the city. The freshness of the meat sets them apart from other tacos. With delectable meat offerings like Birria (shredded short ribs), Al Pastor & Carne Asada and vegan options like Cauliflower Chorizo and Nopales (sautéed cactus), El Sur has something to offer everyone.
To get these tasty offerings you can follow El Sur on Instagram and Facebook. They post a weekly update on where you can check them out.

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