El Sur Street Food Brick and Mortar Restaurant Coming to SoMa this Summer

Ever since El Sur rolled out their food truck right at three years ago their Honduran and Latin American inspired food has been a mainstay in Little Rock. While the truck moves all over town, the focus has always been the South Main area of Little Rock. Today El Sur is announcing that they are planting more permanent roots in the district with their first brick and mortar restaurant coming this summer.

The South Main area was critical to owners Luis Vasquez and Darren Strayhorn. The restaurant (of the same name) will be located at 1214 Main Street, a location recently occupied by Esters.

“We are excited about the restaurant space, we have spent a lot of time with the truck in SoMa and it is an area that is home to us,” Vasquez says. “We are looking forward to the opportunity to take the next step and share even more food with the area.”

If you have not made it to the food truck, El Sur focuses on authentic Honduran and Latin American food inspired by Vasquez’ home country of Honduras. Their menu features signature Baleadas (think the most amazing burrito you will ever have) along with tacos, arepas, and various specials. Moving into the new spot will allow El Sur to continue their existing menu while adding a number of new Honduran items that they were unable to do on the truck.

“We were always limited with space on the truck and were never able to do a number of items we wanted to introduce,” Vasquez explains. “There will be some appetizers and main entrees we want to add to our existing lineup, along with a Honduran brunch on the weekends. We will also add a full bar with some interesting drinks to give people an extra taste of Honduras.”

The renovations on the space are expected to wrap up in time for opening this summer. The food truck will remain operational during that time and may include new menu specials occasionally. You can follow updates on their Facebook and Instagram pages. They will also begin hiring over the next month or two, anyone interested is encouraged to email them.

** Full Disclosure. El Sur is a client of our Rock City Commercial @ Keller Williams brand, and we worked with them on finding and securing this location.

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