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Creativity in the kitchen is the hallmark of any inspiring cook. Conjuring up new recipes, making due with what’s already on hand or even slightly tweaking previous creations, are all admirable attributes. But sometimes you just want to follow a tried and true recipe from a chef who’s been around the block.
Say hello to Emeril’s Strawberries Romanoff with Chocolate Sauce.
It’s getting warmer, and that means only one thing … strawberry season, check out the rundown of a couple of our favorites! Truth be told, I was looking for any reasonable excuse to make something with my recently purchased Barnhill Orchards strawberries.
I found this recipe, and was instantly intrigued by its use of chocolate sauce. Most traditional Strawberries Romanoff recipes don’t utilize chocolate, but I figured its inclusion could only be a good thing. And I was right.
But first, what exactly is Strawberries Romanoff? Essentially, you take vanilla ice cream, let it soften, then add some sour cream, orange liqueur and brandy into the mix. Next, slice up some fresh strawberries and place in a small serving bowl. Finally, top with some of the liquid ice cream mixture, and in this case, some warm chocolate sauce.
So … let’s review. Ice cream, check. Booze, check. Chocolate, check. What’s not to love?
It’s absolutely decadent and with the proper garnish, like a nice spring of fresh mint, it will certainly wow your guests. And the best part? This is an insanely easy recipe that you can make well ahead of time. Just get everything ready, pop in the refrigerator, and when you’re ready to serve, take five minutes to melt down the chocolate chunks.
Inspired yet? If so, please try this Strawberries Romanoff recipe out and let me know who it goes in the comment box below. Something tells me you’ll be quite pleased.

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