Fennel and Fire Kicks Your Home Cooking Up a notch.

We came across Fennel and Fire about a year ago when they were setting up to launch their brick and mortar store in downtown Little Rock. Since then it has become a go-to for many of our dry spices and salts that we use in daily cooking.

Fennel and Fire was started by Tay Stratton, who personally curates and blends all of their spices, teas, salts, and more along with creating some of their other products like infused sunflower oil.

A pantry staple for us has become the Pasta Toss. For starters, it goes well on way more than just pasta. We use it frequently in making pizza (hint, work it into the dough with a little salt), sauce, and even on sandwiches with a little olive oil. Always season throughout if you are using it for pasta, so we like to work it into the sauce early on, add a slight dusting midway, and then sprinkle a little more right before you toss it with the pasta.

I also love their Cajun Blend. If you are like me and sprinkle Tony’s on everything, give this a go instead. I find the flavor to be better-rounded. Throw it on seafood, meats, or just toss a little in with your pasta sauce for a nice cajun pasta. My favorite is probably sprinkling this on some fresh fries in place of salt.

There are several others we love a lot like the Fajita blend, and the fire salt. You can get several of these in their special “Favorite 5” pack that has Fajita, Fire salt, Veggie, Steak, and Pasta toss.

There are plenty of other spice blends to play with, any add a significant boost to any meal. Check out Fennel and Fire’s full lineup on Rock City Market below.

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