First Look: Abbi's Teas and Things in Hillcrest

Right when you walk into Abbi’s Teas and Things in Hillcrest, you are greeted with a feeling of ultimate coziness.
Nestled in the heart of Hillcrest in a classic historic home, you’ll find something new to central Arkansas that feels like a warm hug.
Little Rock has a multitude of bars, restaurants, coffee shops and bakeries and now another niche…the tea house. The tea house concept is unique to Little Rock, with this location being the only place like it in central Arkansas.
The warmth you feel when you walk in not only comes from the atmosphere, but also from the owner, Abbi herself. 31-year-old Abbi Siler’s warm, welcoming personality immediately makes you feel right at home. You can also find her mom, sister and husband working next to her, making it feel even more like home.
It doesn’t have the “stuffy” vibe that most would think of when they think of a tea house. It genuinely feels like you are walking into Abbi’s home, with photos of family, friends and pets covering the walls and trinkets galore.
Abbi has basically every tea you could ever imagine. Black teas, herbal teas, green teas, specialty teas, matcha and of course iced tea since we are in the south. Not to fear, coffee lovers, she’s got that too.

Of course, you can’t have tea without snacks. Thanks to a partnership with Old Mill Bread, they are serving up fresh-baked breads that come in about a dozen assorted flavors. Anything from cinnamon swirl to crusty jalapeño cheddar. There are also delicious sandwiches including roast turkey, chicken salad or ham and swiss.
If you’re craving something sweet, they have various treats such as jumbo cinnamon rolls and muffins, scones, brownies and cookies.
“I just want to be a kind place for people to come land and enjoy themselves. Laugh, but also kind of relax. Just want this to be a place of good vibes…hang out, use the Wi-Fi, if you want to have a book club, party,” Abbi said. The charming tea room in the back seats up to 15 and she is excited about having gatherings there.
There are various tables in a sitting room with bright open windows, special vintage trinkets and of course, beautiful and unique teapots everywhere you look.

As for the “things,” Abbi will be selling all kinds of fun items. “Basically, we’re going to carry everything I think is fun and adorable and the books that I like to read and music and a selection of records…want to make it feel like you’re coming into my house and enjoying it.” You will also be able to purchase tea ware, loose leaf tea and other trinkets.
“You can really let your hair down here.” Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to work (she also has free Wi-Fi!), catch up with friends or have a small soiree, this is the place.

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