First Look at Natchez's 2015 Winter Lunch Menu

Last week, we had your first glimpse at Natchez’s 2015 Winter Dinner Menu. This morning, the new lunch menu is set to drop. Take a look at what Chef Alexis Jones has dreamed up … available starting today!
I can certainly vouch for the brisket sandwich and you won’t want to miss out on the brisket fettuccine, as Natchez churns out some of the best house-made pasta in this area. On that note, I’m guessing the lamb gnocchi won’t be too shabby either.
Prosciutto Dates– stuffed with blue cheese and pecans $9
Oxtail Rillettes– pickled shallots, grainy mustard, toast points $12
Chicken Liver Pate– house pickles, mustard, baguette crostini $12
Dirty Wild Rice Boulettes– bacon, chicken liver, sherry mustard $12
Sweet Potato Fritters– Mint pistou, honey whip, pecans $9
Mixed local greens– green tomato, blue cheese, pecan $7.50
Spinach-carrot, radish, chopped egg, petite herbs $8.50
Kale– bacon, shallot, carrot, garlic, Parmesan, sherry $8.50
Crispy Quail– mixed local greens, turnip, golden raisin, feta $12
Braised Chicken– spinach, fried goat cheese, shiitake $10
Fried Chicken Livers– roasted red grape, peanut sauce $10
Served on Arkansas Fresh Bakery bread with local mixed green
Pork Shoulder– havarti cheese, apricot mostarda $10.00
Brisket– provolone cheese, red onion, pickled peppers $9.50
Fried Muenster– H.A.M. prosciutto, roasted red peppers $10.00
Hangar Steak Philly– provolone, peppers, and onions $12.00
Adult Grilled Cheese-Bacon, muenster, provolone, cheddar, and havarti on country white $9.50
Brisket Fettuccine– Braised brisket, carrot, onion, celery, and farm cheese $14
Beer-battered Catfish– Farro chow-chow, pickled pepper coulis $12
Pork Shoulder or Vegetable Risotto– Braised pork shoulder, root vegetables, mascarpone $12/10
Lamb Gnocchi– Lamb shoulder, potato gnocchi, creamed kale $14
Pork Belly– Slow cooked, Parmesan grits with collared greens $14
Curry Vegetable Farro– Curry cauliflower with root vegetables, farro, toasted coconut $10.50
Sides $6
Local collard greens & trotters
Anson Mills grits, Parmesan, thyme
Ragout black eye peas

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