First Look: Electric Ghost Printing Comes To SOMA, Plans To Build Artist Community

You can’t miss the new storefront on 1218 Main Street that Electric Ghost Screen Printing is proud to call home. From the street, you’ll notice the many windows sporting varying levels of hanging plants, plus the neon sign mounted on the far wall with the company logo is bound to make you stop in your tracks.

You have to go in. In fact, trust us, you should go in.

From plants and beautiful glass displays to handmade home goods, furniture, and jewelry, Electric Ghost is really branching out. Don’t worry, because screen printing T-shirts and band posters will always be where the company draws its roots.

Owner Brooks Tipton says, “We just try to carry things that are different, and things that we would want to have in our home.” You could spend hours examining beautiful rocks and minerals, or picking out the right pillow to take home with you, even though the front retail space isn’t necessarily all that large.

You’ll have a time picking out the right plant, especially in the unique ‘plant lab.’ From there you can build yourself a small terrarium sporting a succulent all by yourself, or with the help of co-owner Shannon Shrum.

This storefront has been a long time in the making. Tipton says, “[Shannon and I] always wanted to have our own storefront, we talked about that a long time ago. We’d be traveling and seeing places and we’d think, ‘Man that’s a really cool place, we don’t really have anything like that in Little Rock, and there needs to be.’”

During your visit, your involvement in the store can go farther than working with your own plant, thanks to a window cutout that lets you see deep into the workings of Electric Ghost. In the backspace there are different areas including a DIY space, a screen printing area, a woodworking space, warehouse space, and what will also eventually be a darkroom.

Tipton and his team want the space to serve as an artistic hub, and it seems like it’s that way already.

Tipton says, “We are trying to build a culture here where we can invite artists in. … all artists are welcome here and can make whatever they want and can maybe help us out, and we can find a way to help them out somehow.”

Electric Ghost plans to have a grand opening soon. Until then, be sure to catch the storefront from the street, as it’s a gorgeous sight to behold.

Tipton says, “It’s great to be a part of the community finally. … The best part is being at home and feeling like people can come through that door, and mix it up and we can get creative together.”

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