First Look: Fassler Hall

The final piece to one of the most anticipated projects in downtown is finally ready to open their doors. The Fassler Hall, a German style beer hall is officially open for the public. If our initial tasting is any indication, this should be one of the bright spots of the downtown resurgence.
Fassler Hall is the second space in Little Rock from the McNellie Group and was originally intended to open before its sister space, next door Dust Bowl Lanes, but construction delays set it back slightly. The beautifully done space features 300 inside seats, mostly around farm tables and a large bar spanning 3/4 of the length. Outside in the beer garden they have 150 picnic table seats covered with large umbrellas that instantly make this once of the best patios in town.

As you would expect from a German beer hall, the food is, well, German. It is a lot of what you might expect, but all executed well.
You will find the expected pretzels accompanied by a nice beer cheese dip. All of their sausages are made in house and range from the typical bratwurst and Italian sausage, to a lamb sausage and one they call the hunter which features a blend of wild meats including venison.

On the entrees there is a typical German schnitzel, this one of the Jaeger schnitzel variety with a mushroom gravy on top. the show stopper however is the gigantic pork shank glazed with a beef gravy. It is one of those dishes that every one takes a look at as it comes by, and you frequently hear the table next door request to order “what he got”, pointing at the dish.
They also have a variety of sandwiches including a couple of schnitzel sandwiches using both traditional and a chicken schnitzel. They also take their bratwurst and turn it into a pattied hamburger for a brat burger.
In addition to the lunch and dinner, they also feature a nice looking brunch on the weekends highlighted by breakfast tacos featuring house made chorizo, biscuits with a variety of toppings, and Belgian waffles that you can add chicken to for a very not-German chicken and waffles.

Beer wise, they feature a good number of taps and bottles that is a good mix of quality German brews like Spaten and local beers from Rebel Kettle, Flyway, Stones Throw, and Lost Forty.
Fassler is open from 11-midnight Monday through Saturday and closes at 10 on Sunday nights.
Fassler Hall
311 E Capitol, Little Rock

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