First Look: Fourquarter Bar in Argenta

Foodies and music lovers, rejoice, Argenta is calling your name.
The long awaited Fourquarter Bar is finally ready to open its doors.
Refresher – last summer, news broke that Margaret Hinson, owner of SOMA’s infamous dive Midtown Billiards, would be partnering with long time employee Conan Robinson to open a music venue.
And it gets better. There will be in-house smoked barbecue alongside performances as well as local craft beer and a full bar.
Robinson spent fifteen years booking bands and cooking burgers at Midtown. He says of Fourquarter, “It’s just bringing a lot of experience together after years and years of cooking and being in the bar business.”

Upon walking through the door, the high ceilings and Argenta-themed murals dotting the walls give a sense that the bar has been entrenched in the neighborhood for more than an era. The laidback atmosphere is definitely above being labeled a “dive,” as bits of elegance make you feel transported to a New Orleans or Beale Street hang.
In terms of music, Robinson plans to carry over some of the same genres that have graced Midtown’s stage, minus the heavier acts. He says to expect a variety of genres – “Think rock and blues, funk music, jam-band type stuff.” This Saturday, the Mike Dillon Band will be opening for Dirtfoot as part of their soft-opening weekend. “That’s a pretty big show for Argenta,” says Robinson.
For those that want to listen to music without being too close to the stage, there’s a second level that boasts of more intimate seating. Along with additional views of the band, the second floor plays host to a shuffleboard table.

Don’t forget the food. With a serve yourself mentality, patrons will be able to try everything from a barbecue sandwich topped with smoked gouda and caramelized onions to one with a habanero relish. The meat will be locally sourced from a Mountain Home company – Brown Chicken Brown Sow.
Think potato hash instead of fries – that you can top with your hearts desire. Don’t forget the burger … Robinson says with a wink, “It very closely resembles Midtown burgers, if you happen to want one of those before four a.m.”
This weekend marks the soft opening. Stay tuned for a grand opening date.


Author: Becca

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