First Look: Hubcap Burger Company Opens Today in Little Rock

When you think of a hubcap, you probably think of the shiny covers on the wheels on your car. There are a few decorating the walls of the new Hubcap Burger Company, which is open for business today. Owned and operated by Erin Griffin, the owner of the famous Cotham’s in the City, Hubcap Burger Company represents a return to basics for her. “We have been working on this concept for a few years. We wanted to move away from the plate lunches and get back to what the original Cotham’s was about and that’s the burgers.”
Griffin is also focused on creating something new and more environmentally friendly with the new restaurant. Everything is recyclable or reusable, from the recycled to-go containers to the lids that go on the reusable cups. “I’m really focused and happy to be making less of a footprint than with Cotham’s.” She’s also happy about the new logo and location.
Located in the building that formerly housed Casey’s BBQ and Arkansas Burger Company, it’s a place that Erin has wanted for more than 15 years. Finally getting the lease in November and facing many renovation setbacks, Erin is excited to finally be able to open. “Another thing that I’m happy about is being able to serve more people. We will be open for dinner five nights a week, and it makes it easier for those that can’t make it to Cotham’s before we close at 2 p.m.”

You will still be able to get some of your favorites from Cotham’s like a Catfish or Chicken Tender sandwich. Yet Erin is still happy about some of the new additions. “I’m really excited about my top-secret Hubcap Sauce. I’ve been developing it for a few years along with my skinny onion rings. Those are the things that I’m the most excited about.”
While the menu might be smaller than Cotham’s it still packs a punch. The namesake Hubcap cheeseburger is still an immensely filling flavorful burger. Topped with the new hubcap sauce the burger is transformed into a burger that will have people coming from near and far.
New additions to the menu will surely be welcome within the health-conscious Heights neighborhood. Hubcap Burger Company will be offering a Beyond Burger that is sure to wow crowds. The restaurant will also be offering delectable salads like their HBC House Salad that, when topped with a deliciously tender grilled chicken breast, promises to be a crowd-pleaser.

Hubcap Burger Company is located at 7410 Cantrell Rd. in Little Rock. The hours are Tuesday–Thursday 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Friday–Saturday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Hubcap Burger Company is closed Sunday and Monday.

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