First Taste: Lost Forty Brew Debuts at Flying Saucer

Lost Forty Brewing (part of Yellow Rocket Concepts’ burgeoning empire) debuted three of its new beers at the Flying Saucer this Wednesday (12/10) evening. This event was highly anticipated, as evident by the clamoring crowd and the many recognizable faces within the bar and liquor communities.
The buzzing crowd was treated to three beers Lost Forty are putting into production – the Bare Bones Pilsner, Lost Forty Pale Ale and Forest King American Stout. Lost Forty is also working on unveiling an IPA, but it was not yet ready for Wednesday night’s tapping. Milling through the crowd, I conducting a non-scientific straw poll to determine which (beer) was the most popular “offering” on Wednesday evening. A few patrons had a specific favorite, but the majority of happy swillers simply exclaimed, “I dig em – ALL!” Indeed, all three beers were enthusiastically received by everyone.
is that there is even more to come!
Even though I am a cocktail guy…by training and design, I could feel the crowds’ enthusiasm as they flooded into the Flying Saucer. The bar was SRO by 4:45, as representatives of the different distributing companies, other local breweries, bar tenders and local notable beer gourmands (with plates on the wall) filed in, one after the other…after the other.
“This level of enthusiasm is palpable!” said one excited patron.
James Denoyer (VP of Sales and Marketing for Lost Forty Brewing) stood wide eyed as he peered around the bar. “Have you ever seen this many people inside the Flying Saucer on a Wednesday night?”
In fact James, and the rest of the Yellow Rocket team, struggled to control their excitement and well earned corporate satisfaction with getting this line of beers “officially” launched. The unveiling of these three beers has been in the minds and conversations of this team for quite a while. Owners Scott McGehee, Russ McDonough, John Beachboard, beverage director Lee Edward, to the Lost Forty brewing team of Omar Castrellona, Dylan Yelenich, John (Beachboard) and newest team member, Nick Barron and the rest of the Yellow Rocket team, this has been a passionate team effort…and the product embodies this passion and dedication.
It does not appear that accessibility to the Lost Forty beers will be very difficult for folks around the greater Little Rock area. Denoyer mentioned that the Lost Forty family of beers will be available at all of the Yellow Rocket restaurants, and will be on tap at the Flying Saucer, the Pantry, Hibernia…and even Hooters, in January.
Additionally, for those of you who missed last night’s tapping, you can join the Lost Forty team at Mellow Mushroom in West Little Rock for a special tapping on December 16th (from 6 PM to 9 PM); or, you can make your way to Old Chicago Pizza in North Little Rock for “Keep the Glass” night and a taste of Lost Forty on December 30th (6 PM to 8 PM).

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