First Look: Pizzeria, Lunch Service Start Monday at Ristorante Capeo

Back in April, we first reported that longtime Argenta District favorite, Ristorante Capeo, would be adding a pizzeria inside the restaurant.
Well folks, pizza has arrived.
“We’ll be offering Neapolitan style pizzas cooked in a wood burning (only) oven. We will open for lunch starting Monday, June 15,” says chef Eric Isaac. Lunch service will run Monday-Friday (11-2) with a full offering of pizzas, pastas, salads and soups, and “maybe a panini or two.” Says Isaac, “Our dinner menu will remain pretty much the same with a few changes and the addition of the pizza, of course.” Capeo’s pizza menu is comprised of 13 options, including margarita, prosciutto d’parma, sausage, and bianco, just to name a few.

We not only got a sneak peek of the new space but were able to sample some of the pizza. Both were hits. As for the setting, it’s tucked in the back of the restaurant–connected through a common walkway, but definitely separate enough to give the space its own unique feel. The room consists of a gorgeous wood burning oven which sits in the far corner, along with a bar with seating for five, and another table that seats five as well. Again, it’s small, only big enough for ten diners at a time, but the space is cozy, and an upcoming patio addition (back parking lot) will expand that number to upwards of 40 folks. Neighborhood patrons will love strolling up to the bar door and grabbing a quick pizza and beer.
As for the pizza, it’s tough to get a true indication of how things play out at this early stage, but I was more than pleased with our sampling. Chef Isaac is really pushing for a diners to get their pies in a matter of minutes. With an inside oven temperature sitting between 750-800 degrees, that shouldn’t be much of a problem. Ours took about two minutes to bake. What came out was a thin-bottomed pizza that gave way to a soft, doughy edge crust. It’s certainly unlike any pizza in town, which is great, because we have some wonderful options here in Little Rock, and it’s nice to see another pizzeria come along that adds to our growing pizza scene with a unique take on an Italian classic. As an added bonus, Capeo is using a signature spice blend, created just for the restaurant by local maker Townsend Blend in Melbourne, Arkansas. The blend comes in ‘mild’ and ‘hot’ and will be available to diners as a pizza topper. Finally, Capeo will also offer a crust for gluten-free diets.
A look at the full lunch menu is below.

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