First Look: Roxy's Twisted Sandwiches

We report on a lot of new restaurants and breweries that open in Central Arkansas, so it’s fun when we get to see one that has come up with a truly unique idea. Roxy’s Twisted Sandwiches, a Conway-based food truck, has made being different a cornerstone of their business plan. Their handheld, sizable concoctions are anything but ordinary. On Thursday, I had the chance to check out Roxy’s menu at its soft opening at Flyway Brewing.
While I waited to order, I chatted with Roxy’s owner Leisa Sims about her new truck. Sims and her husband came up with the idea of “twisted sandwiches” as a way to make a satisfying dish that goes wherever you do.
“The idea was to make really good food that was also something different,” says Sims. “We wanted to have something you could hold in your hand and walk around and eat at fairs and festivals and food truck events. So this was something unique, nobody else has it.”
The twisted sandwich’s foundation is a robust bread that is baked into the shape of a horn. Sims contracted with Julie’s Sweet Shoppe and Bakery to create the pastry, which is light and chewy on the inside, but thick enough to hold up to the weight of the sandwich. It’s something Julie’s and Roxy’s had to develop from scratch.
“We worked for two months,” says Sims. “We had to have the forms manufactured, because there was nothing that existed that could make it work. So we worked with a metal shop in Vilonia, came up with the forms and Julie worked with us on the bread.”

I mentioned the weight of the sandwich. This is no diet food. Each twisted sandwich comes in weighing at least one full pound. At its soft opening, Roxy’s had seven choices on the menu. I got my hands on two of them, and both showed some creative thinking. The “twisted cheese burger” consisted of chopped hamburger mixed with mustard and pickles, then scooped into the bread. And the “Tex-Mex twist” showcased carne guisada steak with Mexican rice. Both were tasty and immensely filling, and I can’t imagine ever being able to finish off more than one at a time.
“We’re actually working with the Little Rock marathon,” says Sims. “People are calling me, asking about carb-loading. And this is definitely the place to come for the marathon.”
While Roxy’s is based in Conway, Sims plans to take her operation all over Central Arkansas. Starting later this month, Roxy’s will make appearances at several businesses, the University of Arkansas at Morrilton, The Food Truck Stop @ Station 801 and even a new food truck park opening in Conway April 1. Sims says Roxy’s will keep its Facebook page updated with its regular locations. Roxy’s will also take requests from people on social media to determine where they should pop up next.

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