First Look: TopDog Brings Delicious Hotdogs and More to Main Street

When you walk into TopDog Hot Dog Company at 308 Main Street in downtown Little Rock be sure to check everything you think about a hot dog at the door. This is likely not it. You are not going to find boiled dogs or ones sitting for 8 hours on the heater like at the ballpark. What you will find are some delicious dogs with premium and creative toppings.

But, before we get to the dogs, we need to be clear that despite the name, TopDog is about way more than the dogs. In fact some of our favorite items were from the non-hotdog items.

One of the favorites from our team was the Arkansas Cheesesteak. It starts with a standard Philly Cheesesteak with sliced ribeye, onions, and cheese but mixes in fried ham for an interesting twist. They are even running a special this week with the cheesesteak toppings served on a bed of tater tots. There is also a great looking frito chili pie.

The burgers are equally as good. Our crew loved the Big ol’ Bacon Jam burger. It doubles down on the bacon with fried bacon and bacon jam on top of a cheeseburger and topped with an onion ring. The Queso Diablo also caught our eye with a queso topped burger, jalapenos and jalapeno ranch.

Most of you will dig into the namesake hot dogs first though, and there are some great options. The T-Dog has been their best seller out of the gate, and our team enjoyed it. It is topped with marinated beef and onions, slaw, and their dub sauce. The Ono Grinds also is interesting with bacon, mango-pineapple relish, and mustard BBQ. The Dogos might be in store for our next stop though. It is topped with shaved ham, pico, queso, and jalapeno mustard.

Of course you can still find some more classic dogs such as their take on a chili dog, a chicago dog, and NY dog. They also offer just a regular OG dog with ketchup, mustard, and relish, you are free to leave any of those off, naturally. They also appeal to the non-meat eaters with the Underdog that starts with a veggie dog and adds lettuce, tomato, pickles and spicy mustard.

Owner Jeremy Holden tell us they plan have a number of new items added soon, including brats, once they get through the opening period. Currently they are open from 11-4 Tuesday-Friday and 4-10 on Saturday and Holden says once they get a feel for things they will expand hours.

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