Flyway Brings Carefully Crafted Arkansas Flavors to New Food Menu

Beer lovers are in for a huge upgrade. Now you can have your beer and delicious food when you head to Flyway Brewing in Argenta. Today the establishment rolls out a new food concept which includes a variety of sliders and nachos.

Pretzel fans need not fear as the delectable quarter-pound creations will remain available. The goal with the new offerings is to ensure that beer fans can have something a little more substantial to nosh on while trying the newest brew on tap.

Co-owner Jess McMullen says, “The idea was to – like our pretzels – do one thing and do it well, and we landed on sliders and nachos.”

The team has been working on a concept since January, wanting to ensure that the food was customer ready before releasing the menu to the masses. Like the pretzel release, McMullen wanted to make sure that the food paired well with the beer, as well as with Flyway’s aesthetic.

“We wanted something to go with our theme of the Mississippi Flyway – so everything on the menu can be harvested, whether hunting or fishing, in the state of Arkansas,” says McMullen. From venison to bacon-wrapped quail, tofu, and beef, the sliders are out of this world. Plus, the nachos ensure you get a deletable amount of cheesy goodness with fool-proof proteins such as crawfish, smoked trout, and duck confit.

Down the road you can also expect rotating specials with things like rabbit and elk in nacho and slider form, as well.

“We didn’t necessarily want to offer dinner, but if you eat two sliders, they’re two ounces a piece, and it would be like getting a quarter pound burger. They’re also perfect to share,” says McMullen.

The dishes Flyway has developed are high quality and very carefully crafted. For instance, the nachos come with special salsas prepared in-house that is paired with the nacho topping. The Smoked Trout nachos come with a special Poblano Confetti, a perfect pairing. The Venison Bahn Mi is made with an in-house mayo while the Marinated Tofu Bahn Mi (a must try even if you’re not a vegetarian) comes with specially prepared terriyaki.

And if that’s not enough, the new offerings are served with Flyway Firecrackers – spicy pickled carrots. “I’ve been making those for years and years, my mom and I would make these,” laughs McMullen, “they get hotter and hotter the longer they sit.” 

In fact the salsas and carrots are so good we wish they were available as a stand alone option.

The team is excited for Flyway customers to dive into the new menu. “It’s been fun doing this,” says McMullen. And while the new menu means more offerings for customers, Flyway is still, at its heart, a brewery.

Check out the menu below and head to the brewery to try it yourself.

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