Food Blog Round – Up March 8

Spring forward this week with food news and get ready for March Madness by eating and drinking local. Also prepare your taste buds for dishes around the world brought to you by local bloggers.
Sync Weekly is the first to jump on the March Madness train. Earlier this week they released a post on all the places you can eat and drink in North Little Rock while keeping a close eye on the basketball tournament. They have every instance covered for every kind of basketball enthusiast – “If you’re trying to stick your diet, if you’re trying to carb up, if you need a boost of caffeine with your meal,” and more.
Beer and March Madness go hand in hand. Following the review of Josiah Moody’s latest beer on the scene last week by Eat Arkansas, this week Moody Brews dives in deep with a post on Saisons, talking specifically – Katchiri’s Bier and Aria’s Beer. Katchiri, named for his fiancé, exhibits “a Belgian Saison hopped exclusively and assertively with American floral, citrusy, berry-esque hops.” Aria’s beer, named for his daughter, is choc full of flavor – “We steeped a bag full of orange peels and hibiscus flowers to sanitize them before hanging them in the fermenter.”
If you’re hosting a basketball watch party, you might need something sweet among your wares. Little Rock Foodcast hosts Nathaniel Izard of Izard Chocolate on his podcast. Highlights include – “how a trip to Italy influenced his business, a look at the chocolate-making process, and how only two ingredients are used to create Izard Chocolate bars.”
Maybe instead of American this week, you’re feeling French. The Southern Ash blog has two delectable posts for you – Poached Chicken with Tarragon Sauce and Coq Au Vin. Follow DiPippa into a little bit of history with results you can eat – “French cuisine gets a pretty bad rap in popular American culture, especially the Nouvelle Cuisine that was big in the 70s. French cuisine, especially the more rustic French cuisine, has a lot of similarities to Italian cuisine – really good quality ingredients treated to let them taste the best.”
Or, get ready for a taste of the west from Arkansas Women’s Bloggers Foodie Friday as Julie Kohl shares her Western Omelet Casserole. The recipe is perfect for a family on the move. “Breakfast doesn’t have to be complicated and that is one of the things I love about baked breakfast dishes. This casserole is quick and easy to prep and the ingredients are easily interchangeable to fit your family’s tastes.”
Real Food in Little Rock, however, takes us to Mexico with a good recipe for a salad dressing for Mexican night at the house. She goes into why homemade dressing is a win-win for all involved: “Store bought salad dressings are made with unhealthy oils and usually chocked full of corn syrup. When you make your own salad dressing you know what’s in there, the quality is much higher and saves you money.”
That’s it for this week in food blogs. Any fun blogs I should know about? Send me a line.

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