Food Culture Manifesto

Food. It the most basic human need. It crosses cultures, religions, political parties, race, gender and preference. The sharing of food has caused the biggest wars to pause while enemies share a meal ( It is the most important thing we can do.
I’ve lived in the Little Rock area my entire life. I’ve seen a number of shifts in our food culture just like anyone who has lived here. What astonishes me most is how the food culture of the city is a direct reflection of the city itself.
There have been a number of studies showing how food directly impacts mood. There have been a number of studies that show how mood impacts economy. Could it be that if we create a more impactful and thoughtful food culture we can directly influence the overall quality of our city?
I think so. I think it is one of the most important things we can do. We can eat better and improve our mood, we can have a better food scene and increase our visitors, and we can support local food and improve our economy.
That is, in a sense, what we want to do at Rock City Eats. I want to make a conscious effort to showcase, improve, and enhance the food culture of the Little Rock region.
For most families 75% of the food consumed is cooked at home. We want to look at local markets and get in touch with local foodies to help people find ways to make better meals at home using fresh ingredients. Second we want to highlight some of the most amazing parts of our local food scene for the other 25% of our meals and for guest to the city. Finally we want to keep everything local. We want people to say no to the chains that have held a grip on the city recently.
This is our mission. We hope you will journey with us, contribute when you feel called,  and share with everyone you know.

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