Food Fight: Battle Muffin — The Root vs. Mylo Coffee Co.

Breakfast fads come and go. Seems like most items get their moment in the sun at some point. Pancakes? Always a classic. Waffles? People are going nuts with waffles right now. Grits? Yep…we’re eating a lot of grits lately.
But what about the lowly muffin? Have you forgotten about about those sweet little handheld morsels of sugar and flour? Those “muffin pans” of yours have probably seen way more cupcakes come out of the oven recently than actual muffins.
Well, Little Rock residents should know that there are a few muffins around town that definitely deserve your attention. It’s time we put them head-to-head in our latest installment of Food Fight. Let Battle: Muffins begin.
The Root: When I’m asked, “Where’s a great breakfast place?” my knee-jerk response is almost always The Root. It’s consistently great, it’s peaceful, and it’s all locally-sourced. It’s difficult to pin down why I love the place so much, but I simply feel like a better human being after a visit to The Root. It may also have something to do with their splendid “donut muffin.” Now, I have an unhealthy infatuation with donuts…I’ll openly admit that. But this sensual blend of donut and muffin is a genuinely clever invention. It’s not as greasy or oily as you’d expect with a real donut, but it is a light golden brown on the outside and comes rolled in granulated sugar. The interior is incredibly moist and fluffy, reminiscent of a very light cake donut. There is essentially no way you can go wrong with a breakfast at The Root…but starting your day off with a donut muffin only makes it that much sweeter.

Mylo's banana and dark chocolate muffin
Mylo’s banana and dark chocolate muffin

Mylo Coffee Co: Of course, Mylo is a relative newcomer to the breakfast dining scene…but as you probably already know, the place is operating like an old pro. Now, it was incredibly difficult to pry myself away from consuming 6 kouign amann for breakfast on my last visit, but I decided to get a little crazy and order something new…the banana and dark chocolate muffin. Am I ever glad I did. Mylo’s muffins are a hefty breed, but they’re also beautifully done. They come wrapped in sleek parchment paper, long and tall, almost cylindrical in shape without an actual “muffin top.” They’ve got a golden, crunchy exterior and a soft, pillowy interior. The contrast of sweet banana and slightly bitter dark chocolate is a wonderful combination, too. They may not be on the menu forever, so you’d be wise to get one while they last.
So where are you placing your bets in Battle: Muffin? Two great specimens, both bringing the humble muffin a bit more well-deserved respect.

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