Food Trucksgiving: Thanks for the Memories Saline County, Let's Do It Again

In case you missed it, Food Trucksgiving was a huge success. Thank you so much Saline County for showing up and eating some good food at Bryant First United Methodist this past Saturday with us.
We can think of no better way to celebrate a huge Razorback victory and perfect November weather than eating from nine top food trucks (sorry we had a last minute drop out) with around 1,200 of our best new south of the county line friends.
We loved it so much, I think we are going to do it again.
Food Trucksgiving will be back next year, around the same time and we plan on making it an annual event. Even more we are looking into holding a spring event in Bryant as well. Be sure to drop us a comment if that is something you would like to see.
For Saturday’s festival, we had some amazing food. Obviously we were not able to hit all nine trucks, but here are some of our highlights:

Have a favorite from Saturday? Let us know and pass on a picture if you want. We will add it to our gallery.

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