Ganache Gone Wild at South on Main

South on Main pastry chef Matthew Lowman knows how to make a good dessert. His riff on a Butterfinger has generated somewhat of a local, cult following, as has his often playful take on fried dough. But my absolute favorite dessert from the chef is his Chocolate Cookies with Chocolate Peanut Butter Ganache. It may be one of his favorites, too, as he professes that “Peanut butter and chocolate is never a bad idea.”
I happen to share this same sentiment.
And when it comes to making the ganache for this particular dessert, chef definitely utilizes his own personal flair. Gone is the careful tempering and whisking of cream and chocolate. Instead, he dumps a few cups of chocolate chips into a nearly empty, economy-sized tub of peanut butter. He brings an equal part of cream to a boil, pours it into the tub, twists on the top, and then shakes the heck out of it.
This is the culinary version of getting your paint shaken at Home Depot.
One minute later, out comes the thick, decadent chocolate ganache with little specs of creamy peanut butter. Admittedly, as a one-time witness to the process, I was bit shocked how fast it all came together, as well as the beautiful results. “I ended up doing this one day at home. I was a young guy living in an apartment and didn’t want to do dishes,” said Lowman.
Mission accomplished.
You’ll find the subtle peanut butter flavor takes a backseat to the chocolate, but its presence definitely shines though. Two chewy cookies come with this dessert, making it perfect for sharing between 2-4 people. Patrons of the restaurant can expect to see the ganache paired with a variety of desserts, including: double chocolate chip cookies, donuts, and with the popular, local Loblolly ice cream … just to name a few.
Video by: Greg Henderson

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