Get Ready for Summer with Some of the Best Cool Treats in Little Rock

Arkansas is no place to fool around outside in the summer. With scorching summer heat, Little Rockians need a place to enjoy something sweet and icy cold. Here are our favorite picks.
Le Pops
Le Pops is another great way to cool off, with their signature gourmet ice lollies in flavors like salted caramel, classic vanilla, as well as seasonal flavors like lemon pie, watermelon lemonade, cantaloupe, cucumber mint lime, and a non-dairy mayan chocolate option. Though the ice lollies are good enough on their own, you can also get them dipped in dark, milk, or white chocolate with a few different toppings.
Loblolly is a Little Rock favorite, known for delicious seasonal ice creams, including dairy- and sugar-free choices. They also offer great sodas and floats, as well as their signature macarons. If you are curious about more than a few flavors, be sure to try their ice cream flights, complete with 8 small cups of ice cream.
Arkansas Pineapple Whip
Arkansas Pineapple Whip makes it possible to get your favorite Disneyland-only treat in Conway or Sherwood! Just recently re-opening two weeks ago, the two whip wagons are a popular choice for something deliciously cool. With different flavors each week, you’ll want to go back and try them all. Currently, strawberry kiwi is the flavor at Conway, and mango is at the Sherwood location.

Big Orange
Big Orange known for delicious burgers and salads, but their shakes are delicious and unique, with flavors like Nuts about Nutella, Dulce de Leche, Pistachio and White Chocolate, and their newest seasonal flavor, the Strawberry Cake Shake! Though you can order a shake with your dinner, you can also order shakes to take out.
Scoop Dog
Scoop Dog’s custard is delicious and customizable, making it possible for the pickiest eater to find something they like. With shakes, custard cakes, concretes, and take-home quarts, Scoop Dog makes it easy to curb the custard craving.
8 Degree
8 Degree is a new ice cream contender, opening late last year. As the very first rolled ice cream place in Little Rock, it’s a unique treat and a fun experience. Made right in front of you on a cold plate set to a below-freezing temperature, the ice cream mix is spread into a square while your toppings are added. Once the ice cream is cold enough, the ice cream is scraped off the cold plate into five rolls and added to a cup. It’s a fun and interactive ice cream experience!
Zaza’s Gelato
Lastly, Zaza has the corner on gelato in Little Rock, creating their Italian-style ice cream from scratch each morning. With classic Italian gelato flavors like salted caramel, chocolate, strawberry, and pistachio, it’s a great way to end a hot summer’s day. Zaza also has frozen rosé for those older kids at heart.

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