Get Ready to Dip Your Chip at the World Cheesedip Championship this Saturday

We often refer to Arkansas as a melting pot of various different regional food. From Cajun to Tex Mex, BBQ to Soul food, we blend it all into our own unique cuisine. It also means that we do not get to call many things truly our own. The major exception to that is cheese dip, which is a bit of a melting pot of the regional styles in itself.
Nowhere is this celebrated better than the annual World Cheese Dip Championship taking place this weekend outside the Clinton Presidential Center in Downtown Little Rock.
This year’s event features 25 competitors that range from top restaurants to amateur teams, all looking to be crowned the Cheese Dip Champ. Restaurants participating this year include Dos Rocas, Kemuri, Table 28, Tacos 4 Life, and the return of multiple-winner Dizzy’s Grill among others. There are several companies and organizations participating like Acxiom, Apptegy, Little Rock Zoo, UAMS, Wolfe Street Foundation, and more.
Best of all, it goes to support Harmony Health Clinic which is a fantastic cause. Harmony Health provides free medical, vision, and dental work to the Little Rock area’s most at need residents.
The World Cheese Dip Competition helps fund dental work, prescriptions, health and wellness exams, and much more. They have served over 15,000 patients with a total impact of nearly $9 million. All proceeds from ticket and beverage sales go to support the work of Harmony Health.
The competition includes a panel of judges including Ben Brainard (Yellow Rocket Concepts), Daron Hall (K Hall, Hall Bros), Capi Peck (Trios), Carmen Portillo (Cocoa Belle), myself, and others.
Each attendee will also receive two vote tokens and the competitor with the most votes will receive a people’s choice award.
Tickets are $10 if you register online, or $15 at the gate. The show gets started at noon and will run until 4.
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