Get to Know Youth Home and the Next Course Event

This year Rock City is working closely with Youth Home on their Next Course event on October 29th. We typically work closely with a few events like this each year, but the work that Youth Home does really won us over and made us want to step up and do more.

So many times in these events you never really get to see the story behind what the event goes toward. So we wanted to give you an inside look at what ultimately won us over about Youth Home.

Chances are you have never been out to their campus, it is tucked away just west of the city limits in a wooded area a little further west on Colonel Glenn than the average person cares to venture. When you get there you find the perfect, secluded spot, to help tend to the behavioral health of the state’s youth.

Youth Home does great work, however they lose about $70 per child a day in their residential program. At roughly 70 students that is a lot of money that they need to make up. That is done through various grants and donations, but it still causes certain areas to go unattended throughout their campus.

The first Next Course event raised money for new portable generators after an ice storm that left parts of the campus, and the kids, in the dark for nearly a week. Last year they upgraded the 30 year old kitchen appliances that is responsible for 400 meals a day.

This year they are looking to renovate two of the girl’s dormitories. Other dorms on campus were able to be updated using a grant, however it was not enough to cover the final two. The upgrades will include a remodel as well as safety features to keep the kids safe from themselves and others.

You can read all about the food at the next course over on Rock City Eats. It is one of the best culinary events of the year. Tickets are running out quick, but you can still purchase them here. 

Also up are some great silent auction items including

Little Rock Zoo Penguin Party for 40 including food and wine.
Flooring from Carpet One
Dinner for 8 with the chefs from Next Course
Around the World Dinner chef’s table at Forty Two for six.
Two Roundtrip Tickets to anywhere in Southwest Airline’s operation

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