Girl Scouts Team Up With Local Restaurants for Girl Scout Cookie Week

If you are a sweet lover the next couple of weeks are a bit like Christmas when Girl Scout Cookies are delivered. However this year is a little sweeter than normal as the Girl Scouts-Diamonds have partnered with some of Little Rock’s best restaurants to bring you Girl Scout Cookie Restaurant Week.

Samoas 40th Birthday Shake Photo - Big Orange
Samoas 40th Birthday Shake (photo via Big Orange)

From February 23rd through March 1st seven local restaurants have special Girl Scout Cookie inspired and infused desserts available. Dates for each vary so be sure to not miss your favorite cookie or your favorite pastry chef’s take on it. Don’t worry, we will not judge if you hit all seven of these. Dates and cookies below
South on Main  Feb. 24: Chef Matt Lowman will offer a Do-Si-Do-inspired dessert
Big Orange (both locations) Feb. 25-March 1: Chef Autumn Hall has created a Samoas 40th Birthday Shake
Natchez Feb. 25-28: Chef Alexis Jones teamed up with Loblolly Creamery to offer  “Natchez cherry cocktail” ice cream pie with trefoil shortbread crust.
YaYa’s Euro Bistro Feb. 23-March 1: Chef Elliott Jones will offer a Tagalongs-inspired desser
Maddie’s Place  Feb. 24-28: Chef Brian Deloney will offer a Toffee-Tastic-inspired dessert
Ciao Baci  Feb. 26-28: Chef Jeff Owen will offer a Savannah Smiles-inspired dessert
Forty-Two  Feb. 27: Chef Anne Woodson will offer a Thin Mint-inspired dessert

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