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I love the start of summer time in the state for only one reason. Grilling. It makes the unbearable heat is a little better next to some hot coals with a cold cocktail.
When most people think grilling they think meat. My favorite things to grill are actually fruits and vegetables. Grilled pineapple is the king of my grill most summers.
This is one of the most easy, awesome things you could make on the grill. No really, it is mouth-watering good. We do this for dessert almost every time we heat up the grill during the summer.
Whole pineapple
Brown Sugar
Cayenne Pepper Powder (optional, but wonderful)
While you are cooking your normal grilled items, take a whole pineapple. Cut the ends, then quarter it long ways. Once you quarter cut out the core by just slicing a section off the middle where it comes to a point. I like to core last because it ensures a nice flat surface to grill the pineapple on. That keeps it from turning on the grill and causing one side to cook more than the other.
Once you cut and core take about 1 to 1 1/2 tablespoons (depending on your preference) of brown sugar per quarter and rub into the surface of the fruit. Try to work it in well for a strong coating.
After all quarters are rubbed with the brown sugar, take roughly 1 teaspoon per quarter of ground cinnamon and shake on top of the brown sugar. I like to add a dash of ground cayenne pepper to each quarter to finish things off. This is optional, and a little goes a long way, but it adds a nice finish and contrast to the sweet of the fruit and sugar.
Pineapple-2Keep your grill hot and put this on immediately after removing your food. I like to use a charcoal grill, it provides much stronger flavor, but gas will work. Put the pineapple fruit side down over direct heat.
The pineapples typically take 10 or so minutes to cook. You want the brown sugar to start to caramelize on the surface. Some of it will melt and bubble off, that is ok, but if you were able to work it in well you should have a nice slightly caramelized layer on the outside of the fruit that will harden slightly once you pull it off the grill.
You are left with a pineapple packed with flavor and diversity. Searing holds in the juices and you can taste the difference when you bite in. You can divide it up into portions cutting vertically and then removing the skin to eat directly. Also this works great paired with some ice cream. I recommend Loblolly double vanilla. Chop the pineapple into chunks while still warm and toss directly on top of a scoop of ice cream for an excellent dessert.

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