Growlers: Brewers Guild Tap Takeover, Stone's Throw Kentucky Waterfall

This week’s big beer event is the quarterly tap takeover from the Arkansas Brewers Guild at Stone’s Throw’s new Stifft Station taproom. Every three months, the guild brings beer from brewers all over Arkansas to one brewery to promote the state’s beer scene and allow people to try some brews they couldn’t get otherwise. Almost every Central Arkansas brewery will be there, as will out-of-town folks like Bike Rack, New Province, Ox Bend, Fort Smith Brewing Company and more. So far, 21 breweries are committed to the event, and a couple more might sign on this week. PopPop YumYam Grill and Smoke food truck will be handling the grub for the event. The tap takeover is from noon to 5 p.m. Saturday at Stone’s Throw Stifft Station. This really is the best chance to try something new from an Arkansas brewery, so make plans to attend.
Before the tap takeover, Stone’s Throw will be releasing an old-style American beer at its MacPark taproom Friday. The #NewBrewFriday release is Kentucky Waterfall, a 150-year-old style called a Kentucky common. The style largely died out with prohibition. Kentucky Waterfall is a 5% ABV ale with plenty of corn in the mash. The corn gives the final brew a taste similar to a cream ale with an emphasis on the sweet grain flavors in the profile. Kentucky Waterfall goes on tap at Stone’s Throw MacPark at 4 p.m. Friday.
Rebel Kettle Brewing Company this week is bringing back a fan favorite for its 4:30 Thursday release event. Wake n’ Flake Coffee Coconut Cream Stout is a 5.8% ABV ale that’s just about perfect for fall weather. Notes of freshly toasted coconut, robust coffee and sweet cream combine for a beer that gets pretty close to comfort food in my book. Wake n’ Flake was one of the original Rebel Kettle recipes that caught on quickly and remained popular over the years. You can get your first pour of 2019 at Rebel Kettle this Thursday at 4:30 p.m.
Lost Forty Brewing today is releasing a new entry in its Wild Barrels Project series. Today’s Freshcut Monday release is Pineapple Shape Shifter, a 6.9% ABV blend using some brews from this summer. The brew team combined Look-See Hefeweizen, Day Drinker Belgian Blonde and Pineapple Second Rodeo, then aged it in oak with mixed cultures and refermented it with pineapple puree. Lost Forty says you can expect flavors of pineapple and apricot, along with red wine and oak for a crisp, acidic profile. Pineapple Shape Shifter is only available on draft and in large-format bottles to go. It hits the Lost Forty taproom today at 4 p.m.
Buffalo Brewing Company in the Heights has released two of the cereal-based beers it created for a special beer dinner last week. Fruit Loop Saison is an 8% ABV farmhouse-style beer that pours a rich amber color and sips slightly sweet with prominent saison yeast notes. Buffalo has also released a Honey Nut Cheerios Pale Ale, though we haven’t seen the ABV or brewing notes on this one. Both of them are available now at the Buffalo Brewing taproom beside Burge’s in the Heights neighborhood.
And the new little brewery in Central Arkansas isn’t slowing down any time soon. StudDuck Beers has another new release this week with its new Daisy If You Do Irish Stout. Daisy If You Do is a traditional Irish stout recipe fortified with serrano peppers and chocolate for a Mexican twist on the classic brew. If you haven’t stopped by StudDucks yet, this beer gets its release on Wednesday, and it’s the perfect time to check out the new Lonsdale brewery.
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