Growlers: Lost Forty Strawberry Gose, Rebel Kettle Blueberry Smoothie Ale

It’s a pretty slow week in Central Arkansas’ beer scene, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing new to enjoy. For example, Lost Forty Brewing today has a fun variation on its summertime gose seasonal. Today’s Freshcut Monday release is Strawberry Brunch Muffin, a 4.5% ABV tart ale brewed with strawberries instead of the usual blueberry recipe. Strawberry Brunch Muffin is brewed with lactose, vanilla and lemon peel for a creamy, mildly sour profile. The blueberry version is easy to drink, and the strawberry release should be no different. It goes on tap at 4:30 today; Lost Forty says there will be 4-packs available to take home and that the beer should get limited statewide distribution.
Also riffing on a previous fruity beer release this week is Rebel Kettle Brewing Company. Its 4:30 Thursday event is Blueberry Fields Whatever, a play on the strawberry version the taproom released earlier this summer. Blueberry Fields Whatever is brewed with more than 400 pounds of blueberry puree, in addition to lactose and vanilla. It’s a bit hefty at 7% ABV, but Rebel Kettle balanced that out by serving this one on nitro for additional creaminess. It goes on tap at 4:30 Thursday. Since it’s on nitro, you’ll want to enjoy this at the taproom and not take a growler to go.
And Stone’s Throw Brewing is slightly tweaking a classic recipe of its own this week. Its #NewBrewFriday release is Bernoulli’s Pale Ale. However, instead of using Belgian yeast this time, Stone’s Throw switched it to a British ale yeast. Ian Beard says the rest of the recipe is unchanged, but this tweak was done to remove the esters from the yeast and give Bernoulli’s a cleaner flavor. He also mentioned the name might change, but so far there’s no word on that. You can try the new version at the Stone’s Throw MacPark location this Friday at 4 p.m.
And a special mention before we go of this past weekend’s Little Rocktoberfest presented by Central Arkansas Fermenters. Every year, Little Rocktoberfest is the best beer party in the state, and this year was no exception. In addition to more than a dozen Arkansas brews and a few regional craft offerings, Central Arkansas Fermenters members brought more than 100 homebrew beers to the party for a truly unique experience. Many of the homebrewers showed some real talent and creativity in their creations. Special recognition to Samuel Atcherson who swept both the judges’ awards and the people’s choice this year. Central Arkansas’ homebrewers are a vital part of the craft beer scene, and it was wonderful getting to celebrate their work.
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