Guillermo’s Adds Second Coffeehouse at Former Sunrise Café Location

Coffee lovers, it’s time to rejoice. Guillermo’s Coffee House & Roastery has opened a new location in the former space of Sunrise Café in the Pleasant Ridge Town Center.
If you haven’t been to the original Guillermo’s you’ve probably had their beans without even realizing it, as they supply various operations around town and beyond, including River City, Delicious Temptations, and more.
Owner Justin Yandell is excited to add a new location – Guillermo’s Coffee – to reach even more people. Since he took over Guillermo’s in 2013, he has been looking to expand. He says, “I looked at this space a couple years back as a second location, but it needed a complete remodel.”
Originally the Cupcake Factory, the owners of Sunrise Café put in a tremendous remodel. After the café closed, the space was more suitable to Yandell and his vision.

The interior is light, bright and open, yet still cozy. Patrons can expect a variety of coffee drinks as well as an expanding bakery menu which will cover everything from cinnamon rolls to cupcakes and cookies. In the summer, Yandell will also have ice cream available. The onsite kitchen has opened numerous possibilities to him. “We’re going to try to do more food – we’ll have soup and sandwiches for lunch,” he says.
For those who want to reserve a space for informal meetings, study dates, or double dates, there is a special section toward the back of the location that has been dubbed Guillermo’s Lounge. “If you want to be semi-private but you don’t want that meeting room style scene,” he says, motioning to the nearby 120 gallon fish tank, “we can even dim this area back here.” The lounge includes two sofas surrounding a coffee table beneath a TV which can be utilized for presentations.
A poet and lover of creative writing, Yandell also hopes to establish a type of community by hosting events in the courtyard directly in front of the location. “We’re going to try to do an open-mic type of deal where people can do poetry, creative writing, short stories, and get some constructive criticism,” he explains.
Although still in the process of transitioning, as new signage for the front of the front of the location hasn’t come in yet, the coffee house is open for business. “I hope this will become a hangout,” he says.
Head over to check out the space from Monday – Saturday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Yandell eventually plans on expanding hours from Monday – Saturday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. with limited Sunday service.

Author: Becca

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