Haybird Closing Current Location, Will Be Part of Future Development Project

Haybird Chicken Co. launched last May as the first new idea from Three Fold founder Lisa Zhang, conveniently located in the original Three Fold location at 215 Center Street in Little Rock. Zhang stressed early on that Haybird was built as a popup to test new ideas and that they very deliberately signed only a one year lease in the location. Today they are announcing they are ready to close the popup as they begin transitioning to their new concept.
Haybird was built as a way to rethink the traditional fried chicken that is popular throughout the state. “We want to take something traditional like fried chicken, but introduce a bit of lightness and freshness not normally available,” Zhang originally told us.
“This was only about half the menu we originally envisioned for Haybird,” Zhang tells us. “When we relaunch we will have the full menu with table service, a larger choice in options, and some versions of the chicken.
Haybird will be part of Zhang’s new concept in Riverdale that was announced last year alongside the Haybird popup announcement. The property at 1509 Rebsamen Park Rd is set to begin construction in March and be completed in early 2021. Haybird will join a brewery concept, focusing primarily on sake brewing.
“The Rebsamen concept is a lifelong dream to introduce more authentic Chinese cuisine to the area,” Zhang says. “In many ways, we have lost the roots of many of our foods. Our goal here is to lean heavily on tradition. This for us is about showcasing the history and culture.”
The last official day for Haybird, in its current form, is on February 13th. Zhang says she is excited to take the next step with the Riverdale location.
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