Heights Corner Market Adds Prepared Meals to the Mix

The prepared meal market has grown a lot over the past few years, especially with delivered healthy meal plans. It is a fast, easy option for food that requires very little work. In many ways it is the twenty first century version of frozen tv dinners that we grew up with, only a lot better tasting (in most cases).
Usually pre-cooked and packaged ready for warming, they sit somewhere between a grocery item and a restaurant item. Which is why they make the perfect fit in Heights Corner Market which is a little bit of both. So it is no surprise to see these hitting the shelf.
“I look each week to see what products we have in the store, butchery department, and going on special at the restaurant and put together some prepared meal options out of available inventory,” Restaurant at the Market chef Amanda Denys says. “With having a full service kitchen and a grocery store to tap into we can come up with creative things that reheat well and taste great.”
Unlike the current trend, the prepared meals here are not designed to be implicitly healthy or accompany a workout routine. However Denys says she tries to always keep several healthy options available on the shelf and usually creates multiple versions of each for different dietary needs.

“I may create a pasta dish, but I can just as easily have dishes with spaghetti squash instead, plus there are usually some available without meat for vegetarian customers,” Denys adds”
Currently the prepared meals are located on the wall to the right as you walk in, next to the produce. There is little signage or product identification to indicate the section, something that should hopefully improve as the offering continues. Once you find it you will get a selection of several entrees and sides. It is a good opportunity to grab a prepared meal or two while doing a little grocery shopping in the market.
For now meals are pickup only. The market says they may look into meal plans and even delivery in the future. Both would be a great option for people seeking convenience, but not necessarily wanting some of the healthy options like Crave and Clean Eatery.
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