Heights Corner Market Ready to Bring Local and Organic Groceries to the Heights

Despite all the recent turmoil, the Heights community lost a lot during the slow decline and eventual closing of Terry’s Finer Foods earlier this year. The small corner grocery store and restaurant served the surrounding community well. Thankfully the void has been filled in the same location, but with a new name. The Heights Corner Market.
New owners Eric and Lou Anne Herget quickly wanted to continue the tradition of Terry’s and the role it played in the surrounding community.
“I have spent most of my life in the Heights. Terry’s was an important part of the community,” Eric Herget tells us. “As soon as it closed down I immediately wanted to see what we could do for the location. We want to continue a lot of the great things Terry’s had to offer, but with an even greater emphasis on local and organic products.”
The grocery store portion will feel familiar. For local produce featuring items from Barnhill Orchards, New South Coop, Grass Roots Coop, and others. They have several local goods such as Loblolly Ice Cream, Kent Walker Cheese, and even some pies from Amanda Ivy.

The grocery portion has undergone a soft opening this week, and will hold the official opening tomorrow (March 31).
For the two other spaces, the restaurant and the “side car” that previously housed the Pizzeria, those are both under development. Herget says that the restaurant will be called Heights Corner Restaurant. They are actively working on finalizing that space and should have an announcement in a month or two, but expect something along the southern cuisine lines.
They are still exploring what to do with the side space that the Pizzeria last occupied. For now they have stripped back much of the old bar space along with a new coat of paint. Tables and chairs are set up for anyone who wants to grab a cup of coffee and relax.
Herget hopes that later in the year they will use this as an after work bar space. “Something to grab a beer, whiskey on the rocks, or a very simple cocktail. Nothing too fancy, there are plenty of other great places in the community that can handle the high end cocktails,” Herget explains.

The name change to Heights Corner Market was not an easy one for the Hergets, but ultimately they decided it would be best to start fresh.
“Terry’s meant a lot to this community, but ultimately we felt with everything the space went through over the last year that a fresh start was needed,” Eric Herget tells us. “(Previous owner) Lex Golden has been completely supportive of us and helpful during this transition period. We hope that we can build the same level of community support that Terry’s enjoyed.”
Heights Corner Market is located at 5018 Kavanaugh Boulevard, and will be open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The grand opening is scheduled for Friday, March 31 from 3-6 p.m.

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