Heights Taco Adds A Splash Of Fall To Drink Menu

We have a new theory that if you drink fall flavored drinks, then the crisp, fall weather will follow. Luckily for Rock City, many restaurants have introduced new drinks into their menus that just scream autumn – including Heights Taco & Tamale Co.
We chatted with Bar Manager Jared Teague about the two new cocktails to get you fired up and ready to try them.
First up, Teague has a great take on a classic Bee Sting. His goal for the drink was to provide something balanced, sweet and yet spicy. He explains, “The idea came from a Bee’s Knees which is usually made with honey and gin. I used a Rosemary Honey and substituted Tequila and added an Ancho Chile Liquor.” The extra kick changes the name to the Bee Sting.

He continues, “With the Ancho Chile Liquor you just have this nice spice that’s balanced by the sweet of the Rosemary. A lot of people come in and look for the Jalapeño Margarita so I wanted to offer them something that is like that but a little different.”
For those that want to taste fall in a glass, opt for The Harvest Fest. Created by Cody Mayes, the drink is sweet, but simply delicious – and should be your pumpkin spice drink for the cooler months.
Teague says, “It is Cathead Pecan Vodka, a house-made Pumpkin Syrup, Angostura Bitters, a little Lemon Juice and a Nutmeg garnish. … Cody wanted to give the people the pumpkin spice that they wanted.”
Head to Heights Taco tonight to try the new cocktails for yourself and drink us into the fall season.

Author: Becca

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