Honey Pies Continues to Move in Unexpected and Exceptional Ways as they Add Breakfast and New Hours

It is hard to imagine the journey Honey Pies has been on since pulling the first pie out of the oven almost a year ago. The fresh made pies quickly won our hearts and stomachs along with the rest of central Arkansas’. After making the rounds at food truck events, markets, and custom orders owner Sharon Woodson went brick and mortar to create our favorite pie shop this July. Now they are expanding menu items and hours as everyone seems to not be able to get enough of Honey Pies.
The shop will now be open 7am – 7pm Monday through Saturday and the menu changes reflect the new hours well. Honey Pies will start serving up breakfast items in the form of quiches and the occasional breads, muffins, and other breakfast-y items. Along with that they have slowly added a strong coffee lineup over the past few weeks featuring pour overs, french press, and a selection of typical espresso based drinks all using their special house coffee roast from Leiva’s Coffee.
“We want to start simple with a daily quiche flavor or two and then slowly incorporate other breakfast items as we go along,” Woodson tells us. “We hope to have a veggie quiche and a meat quiche daily, and at least one of those will be gluten-free using a potato based crust.”
Yesterday the special was quiche lorraine, cowboy quiche, and pumpkin bread for breakfast as an example.
The move to add breakfast is equal parts fate and popularity. Together it feels like just the beginning of something very big for the future of Honey Pies. When they picked the location for the shop Honey Pies was technically subletting the space from neighboring Bash Burgers. Honey Pies had a very small portion of the kitchen space to operate. Bash, as you may remember, closed unexpectedly the week before Honey Pies was set to open. It suddenly left Honey Pies with the full lease on both spaces as well as the full kitchen.
Woodson and team quickly gutted and thoroughly cleaned the kitchen, unsure at the moment what to do with the space since they were setup to operate out of only a small portion. The answer came quickly as the growth quickly required them to use up more and more of the space. If you walked in the kitchen today you would find every available inch of the decent sized kitchen filled with pies, dough, fruit, and various other items Honey Pies is creating.

Breakfast items is something that would not be possible with the original allotted space, that fate allowed Honey Pies to grow into. It could just be the start of things to come, especially considering they still have the entire dining area from Bash that they are slowly renovating. There are no plans at the moment on how to use the space, but it is not hard to imagine a coffee shop, bar, and/or popup restaurant space doing well paired with the outstanding desserts coming out of Honey Pies.
Speaking of coffee, their partnership with Leiva’s coffee is something special. Not only does Leiva’s do outstanding work leveraging their own coffee sales, Honey Pies takes it a step further by impacting Arkansas directly. For every cup of coffee sold Honey Pies is donating a portion to the Arkansas Hunger relief alliance equal to one meal for a hungry kid as a part of their 1 cup 1 meal program.
“We really want to find ways to make direct differences in Arkansas,” Woodson says. “By finding ways to help those who cannot afford to anything at all, much less our pies, we can become more than just a pie shop.”
Take the time to stop in for breakfast at Honey Pies, the quiche is exceptional, but even more than that you get to experience a place that is moving in exceptional ways. We can’t wait to see what happens with Honey Pies next.

Greg Henderson
Author: Greg Henderson

Owner/Publisher - Rock City Eats, Rock City Life, Rock City Times

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