Hot Rod Wieners Releases New Menu (With Breakfast!) And Permanent Location In Sherwood

More interesting food truck developments coming your way. You know, Hot Rod Wieners has been one of my favorite trucks since I first sunk my teeth into one of their wieners. I like hot dogs. I know they’re nothing fancy, but there’s just enough creativity and quality at Hot Rod to keep me coming back for more. Also, I think owners Justin and Andrea Wilson are pretty cool kids.
So what’s going down with Hot Rod? Well, they’ve got two trucks in operation at the moment. This is allowing them to keep one truck mobile to tour the city and attend events, and another hunkered down at a more permanent location. This permanent location is in Sherwood at the intersection of North Hills and Country Club Road. This is the same space another popular operation, Rick’s Beignets has been serving at for a few months now.
Rick has been on a holiday break for the last few weeks, but plans to be back on January 15th. This joint effort will hopefully attract more business by offering even more options at the Sherwood set-up.
Rick’s Beignets began with breakfast and later expanded into more savory lunch items of the Creole/Cajun variety…gumbo, etoufee, fried okra etc. Similarly, Hot Rod Wieners have decided to expand their menu to offer a number of new breakfast items. Together they plan to operate for both breakfast and lunch, from 7 am to 2 pm.

I got a chance to check out some of the new items Hot Rod is offering…and I left happy with the new additions.
From the breakfast menu, they’re doing a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on Boulevard bread ($5), a house-made ham, egg, and cheese sandwich ($5), and a soul satisfying bacon wrapped hot dog topped with scrambled eggs, cheese, and salsa ($6). There’s also a basket of respectable French toast with maple syrup ($4).
Lunch is also bringing a few new non-wiener items to the mix. Andrea is serving up her famous “Harvest Chicken Salad” sandwich, a mix of chicken, mayo, pecans, and grapes. She’ll tell you it’s so good you’ll want to “punch your Grandma.” This comes with a side of spicy jalapeño potato salad. And they’re serving a Frito chili pie for $5.
There’s a lot of space in the lot they’re camped out at and the two businesses are hoping to make this a semi-permanent spot for more food trucks or regular food truck events. This is a wonderful idea and the space seems to be ideal for such gatherings. Get on up to Sherwood and say ‘hello’ to the team.

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