How Our Readers Would Pick This Year's Food Hall of Fame

The 2019 class of the Arkansas Food Hall of Fame will be introduced tonight along with several category winners. The selection process comes from nominations across the state, and then the winners are decided on by a committee consisting of several friends and respected colleagues in the food world. They take on the difficult job of selecting a winner with class, balance, and unbiased opinion.
Around here, however, we are just an observer like you. We have absolutely no clue who is picked and no vote in the process, so we thought it would be fun to get a few hundred of our best friends (aka, our readers who submitted votes) together and try to predict who would win. So over the past two weeks, we have taken votes on four of the five categories to see who our audience would select for the Hall of Fame based on the finalists.
Keep in mind, this is in no way sanctioned by the Food Hall of Fame, Department of Heritage, or anyone else that matters. Just our way of having a little fun. Sort of the Superbowl prediction of the local food industry.
As expected, our results have a noticeable Little Rock lean, something that will not likely happen in the real Hall of Fame ceremony if past results are any indication. Unexpectedly, places and people we have covered more heavily in the past than others did not factor into the final results. So at least you all are going at taking an unbiased approach.
Here are the results of what you, the readers, picked. Stay tuned tonight to see how your picks match the committee’s selections.
Gone But Not Forgotten
The Shack (winner)
La Scala (runner up)
Food Event
The Greek Food Festival (winner)
Hope Watermelon Festival (runner up)
The Proprietor of the Year
Peter Brave – Brave New (winner)
Sami Lal – Star of India, Capi Peck – Trio’s (runner up – tie)
Food Hall of Fame (3 selections, in order of votes)
Doe’s Eat Place (Little Rock)
4-Dice (Fordyce)
Star of India (Little Rock)

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