Introducing Eat Local Wednesdays

I feel like we say it every time we see a local place close, but everyone who writes here hates a day that a local place closes. With the closing of Southern Gourmasian earlier this week, it got me to thinking about ways we can be more proactive about local dining.
After a bit of thought and tossing the idea around to friends I have decided to kick off Eat Local Wednesdays as a way to encourage, promote, and spread the word of local dining.
Here is the idea.
On Wednesday morning at 8am we will post out an open thread for comments. Go to a local* restaurant, coffee shop, bar, or brewery that day and take a photo of the top of your receipt, just enough to show the date and the name of the place, and leave it as a comment on that post before 11:59pm Wednesday. (I don’t care how much you spend or what you order, although you are free to post it all).
We will take the comments and draw a random winner the next day to receive a gift card of at least $25 to a local establishment.
One entry per person, but if you want to add another chance to win you can also post a picture of what you had on Instagram and tag us in it (@RockCityEats).
Make sense? If not feel free to message us and say so.
We are going to run the first couple on our own, but if a business or restaurant wants to sponsor a week or offer up a gift card, we are happy with that. This is meant to be a weekly community event, we are just facilitating. If you are interested please send me a message.
Ultimately we want this to be a fun weekly event that will help drive business on a slower day of the week. In the future we may do themed specific Wednesdays such as tacos or pizza, but for now anything goes.
*We are going to use a loose definition of local establishment here. No mass chains basically. If they are not locally headquartered then it needs to be one of no more than 5 locations. So for example: Dust Bowl, Soul Fish, or even Shorty Smalls is ok, Slim Chickens not so much. We want to impact small independently owned places.
**We are going to allow any place located in Arkansas as long as they meet the criteria above. However gift cards will be given for the Little Rock area.
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