Introducing the Best Restaurant Customer Service in Little Rock

Last week we asked you to tell us what restaurants have the best customer service with their service staff. The response to the best individual server and best overall service staff was huge.
The voting was very close, but it was very clear that there are a lot of restaurants in town who really care about their customers. It is no surprise that every place nominated has a very loyal following. In fact the two winners are two of our favorite places. So here they are.

Best Individual Server: Rachel Powell – The Pantry

Best Overall Service Staff – Mugs Cafe

We will introduce you to both Rachel and Mugs over the next week including some of the nominations for them.
It is the nominations that really tell a story. Every person and place nominated deserves recognition. Here are some of our favorite quotes from your nominations.
Talia Winkler – Fox and the Hound (runner up – best individual server)
Talia is the complete package. She is always on the go, but still stays so personable even though she’s always working hard. She’s the kind of bartender/server that regulars love, because she takes time to remember not just names and drinks, but to keep a friendly, familiar, and professional relationship with everyone.
Big Orange Midtown (runner up – best overall staff)
(Stacy Jay – server Big Orange)Stacy is in a league of her own when it comes to customer service. From first time guests to her regular guests she makes everyone feel welcomed and excited to dine at Big Orange Mid. She has a plethora of product knowledge and can point you in just the right direction to find what your taste buds are looking for. Stacy is great with kids and adults alike. She will bring fire and energy to any table she takes care of. Go see Stacy Jay at Big Orange Midtowne. You will definitely go back just to have her take care of you and your friends!
The Faded Rose
No matter who waits on us at the Rose the service is always excellent easy going and that is hands down our favorite restaurant to eat at in the city.. I believe the wait staff has a lot to do with that.
Scott – Brave New Restaurant
My family and I have been visiting Brave for almost 20 years. Scott has been there almost all of that time. He is always incredibly professional, prompt, and takes care of any problems immediately and throughly, without complaint. He knows the menu inside and out, makes great suggestions, and masters the art of being friendly without being intrusive or creepy. He’s the best waiter in Little Rock, and when we go to Brave, we won’t sit in anyone else’s section. We’ve even been known to wait until he has an opening.
Kara Bibb – Boulevard Bread Company
This young lady has been at boulevard bread company for eight years. She’s made a career of customer service and strives to make each an every customer as happy as possible. I have had the pleasure of working with her and she has helped me understand that customer service really can be the very best thing about a restaurant and truly keeps the customers coming back
Kim Armstrong – Flying Saucer
Kim is fast, friendly, courteous, and knowledgable. She has mastered her craft and can recommend pairings for her entire menu for food and drink. She knows the town and events in the local area, if you’re looking for things to do after a visit to the Saucer she’s the go to gal.
Josh – Crush Wine Bar
Attentive and all the the things a server should be, but also incredibly knowledgeable. His most impressive quality however is to suggest the perfect succession of drinks personalized to your palette just by talking to you about what you love to drink. Amazing.
The attention to detail, the food is amazing, and they know how to treat customers. I hate going to a place and made to feel like I’m an inconvenience for being there. The staff makes you feel at home and appreciated.
South on Main
Everyone has such great knowledge of the restaurant they work at & food/drinks they serve. Always polite. Feel like there’s real innovation behind their dishes, drinks, & desserts. Obviously have a great leader, head Chef Matt Bell.
Ronny Daniels – Markham Street Grill & Pub
Ronny is an amazing bartender because even in the craziest of moments he keeps his cool. A customer would never be able to notice if he flustered. Ronny is very observant and will have refilled or replaced your beverage before you even realize it was empty. Another quality is his ability to read people and situations. He has the ability to find common ground with anyone. He is exactly what every restaurant manager or owner would want in an employee.
Mylo Coffee Co
Everyone is friendly. They all greet us by name when we walk in. They are very helpful and knowledgeable. They play great music, serve excellent food and pour a terrific cup of coffee. Plus the experience is consistently great at the store or at either of the Farmer’s Markets they set up at on the weekends.
Randall – Local Lime
There’s something magical that happens when you pair a great margarita, incredible food, beautiful scenery, and impeccable service. That’s what you find with Randall at Local Lime. From his soothing, professional demeanor to his thorough knowledge of food and drink, Randall will guide and time your experience into one you are not soon to forget. Local lime is incredibly fortunate to have him on their team. Bravo.
Even with a constantly rotating menu, servers at Natchez keep up with everything going on in that restaurant. All goods are locally obtained and therefore seasonal. The staff is able to answer questions about all of the food and how it is prepared. They have a wonderful understanding of what everything is and how it tastes. Each server is familiar with the entire wine list and cocktail menu. Overall excellent staff and restaurant. Would recommend to ANYONE. LOOOVE!
Bruno’s Little Italy
The whole staff works so well together to make sure every customer has a wonderful experience. They are very attentive and remember their return customers. Bus staff is quick on clearing plates and refilling waters. Gio Bruno is often walking around, checking on how patrons are doing. I have never had even the slightest complaint at Bruno’s.

Greg Henderson
Author: Greg Henderson

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