Ira's Restaurant Downtown to become Allsopp & Chapple

Just a few months after opening their new spot on the popular 300 block of Main street, Ira’s Restaurant is making the decision to rebrand as Allsopp & Chapple beginning Tuesday, October 30th.
The move comes after careful consideration and evaluation from the ownership and a desire to connect more strongly with the Main street revitalization of the area.
“We are proud to be a part of the downtown and Main street resurgence,” the restaurant management tells us. “This is a chance to for us to connect with the deep history of the area and build a lasting brand legacy that connects the past to the future of the area.”
Allsopp & Chapple Bookstore was a bookstore that was the original 1900 occupant of the space inside the Rose Building that the restaurant now resides. For over five decades the bookstore served as a mainstay of the downtown block. The new name reflects that heritage and pays homage to the legacy of Fred Allsopp on the history of the city.
Along with the new branding, the Allsopp & Chapple will roll out their first major menu update since opening. Executive Chef Bonner Cameron has overseen the menu development and intends to carry much of the spirit of the space. We will have a look at the new menu once it is released.
Other minor tweaks coming soon include a stronger focus on the late night bar program. The level of craft cocktails at the bar is something not found elsewhere on the restaurant-heavy block. They also expect a few tweaks to the lunch menu, starting with the introduction of some sandwiches.
All existing reservations and gift cards are still valid, no changes there. The Allsopp & Chapple does plan to close on Monday, October 29th to implement the rebranding.

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