K Hall Brothers Launch Food Truck

For years the Hall family has made a huge impact on Little Rock through their family farm and their grocery store/restaurant K Hall and Son’s Produce on Wright Avenue. Now it looks like the third generation of Halls are about to branch out.
The brothers David Jr, Daron, and Devin are launching their food truck called Hallin’ Good Food that will initially target food truck festivals, events, and private caterings. They are finalizing permits and should be up and running this week or next.
“We wanted to bring our family’s food to all of Little Rock and the surrounding areas,” Daron says. “We are going to start by setting up on the weekends and seeing where it will go from there.”
The food is quite a bit different from K Hall, but you can still sense the heritage of the spot in what they cook. It is still very much soul food, but with a sophisticated flavor that shows the brothers have talent in the kitchen. In fact the way they work together and complement each other works out well in their best dishes.
In a private tasting of the menu items there were some real gems in the menu. The highlight was the chicken and waffle bites using a bite sized piece of chicken tender coated in waffle batter, then deep fried and served along side a sweet but spicy sauce that was perfect.

“Devin is the sauce man. He can whip together the perfect sauce to complement any dish. David Jr gets consistency and building classic dishes while Daron is the one constantly pushing them to rethink things. They all work well together,” their father David Hall Sr says. “They have worked on these recipes for a while now and are honestly not even sharing them with me. I am probably going to lose some of my help at K Hall on the weekends, but I am excited for them.”
They are also great at taking classics and strengthening them. Their chicken tenders and fried catfish are both very classic dishes, however the seasoning and breading was full of flavor. They are also doing wings and will likely sell a lot of them given the quality in the flavor. They had three options: lemon pepper, Stella sweet, and Hot Knox, all of which were a good balance of spicy and sweet.
They also have a few different sausage options that will hit the truck, all with a mix of different sauces and toppings. We did not get to try it, but the Yabba Dabba with smoked sausage, pulled pork, and slaw sounds like a winner. They also are doing a take on Philly cheese steak with their Philly Fries. They are strips of either chicken or steak fried and topped with peppers and onions.

On the dessert side, the big winner were the Funnel Cake Fries. Instead of the traditional funnel cake, these are small french fry shaped strips of funnel cake topped with powdered sugar. They also offer a really good fried Oreo. All of this can be had with their signature drink, the Bro-made GREENade. It is somewhere between a lemonade and a non-alcoholic mojito. Very refreshing, and also neon green, so it stands out quick in a crowd.
The Halls have talked for a while about expanding their food offerings. Even in K Hall & Sons the prepared foods side takes up an increasingly large amount of overall business, and their lines for seafood Saturday are not getting shorter any time soon. David Sr. told me last year that they may explore a separate brick and mortar restaurant at some point in the future. Based on how well the Hallin’ Good Food is put together, I would say it is a logical next step that Little Rock would embrace.
Hallin’ Good Food is available for events and private catering. If you are interested in booking them email the brothers at hallbros2go@gmail.com. They do not have a website or Facebook yet to show a menu or track where the truck will be, but I suspect that will come soon.

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