Kemuri Adds New Seasonal Dishes to Menu

There are changes happening at Kemuri which can only bode well for food enthusiasts. The restaurant plans to add brunch to its menu as well as a few new summer time dishes.
Chef Greg Wallis is excited for the season, ready to add that extra pop of color to his dishes as well as exhibit Arkansas-fresh produce. He said, “Around all my cooking what I look to do is keep it fresh, keep it colorful, keep it fun. So to put that all in one – make it delicious, make it something that’s going to be memorable that people will remember the restaurant and remember you by.”
The new dishes all look mouth-watering delicious, and cover a wide range of tastes. First up, made in the traditional Japanese Robata style of grilling, comes the Prime Beef Sliders. The dish contains truffle aioli, mushrooms, caramelized onions, with hand-cut sweet potato fries and spicy ketchup. “It’s simple, easy and delicious,” said Wallis.
Next, an addition to the Cold Plates section of the menu, appears the Blackened Tuna Salad. Wallis notes this plate “is incredibly fresh,” with a combination of a spring mix, blueberries, grapefruit segments, avocado, pistachios, doused in a ginger vinaigrette and all topped with fried wontons. This, alongside the tuna, makes summer look so sweet.
Wallis’ favorite dish in this new round of menu items, is probably the scallop dish. This plate is eye-catchingly beautiful and simultaneously smells enticing. He said, “I’m just stoked about this dish … scallops are great to work with, you can have so much more creativity with it.” A Peruvian potato puree makes the base of the dish, and is responsible for the gorgeous purple color. The miso-encrusted scallops are then topped with roasted mushrooms. This dish is a certain must-try.
Kemuri has added a Chicken Ramen Bowl, for those who get that soothing soup craving. To keep it interesting Wallis added roasted corn to the mix, which exhibits Arkansas produce. Otherwise, the dish is rather traditional with chicken and your noodles, nori, seaweed, spinach and two soft-boiled eggs.
Don’t forget the afore-mentioned addition of brunch! Wallis is particularly excited for his salmon dish, a take on salmon lox. The combination of chives, cream cheese, and salmon are a main-stay. “It’s simple and easy,” he said, which means this dish is packed with full-flavor.
For your next food adventure count Kemuri in – the additions to the already wide-spread menu ensure everyone will have something to enjoy.

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