Kitchen Fields Table Tour: JTowns Grill Greek Chicken Gyro

October brings a new dish that is a part of the Kitchen Fields Table Tour, a year long promotion for Arkansas farming. Up next is JTowns Grill in Jonesboro, near the football stadium on Johnson Ave.
The Kitchen Fields Table Tour promotes local farming by partnering with top restaurants to create a dish using an ingredient from local farmers, this year the Tour is promoting soybeans. Arkansas ranks #10 nationally in soybean productions that provides over $2 billion annually to the local economy.
For this promotion, executive chef Lisa Godsey has developed a greek chicken gyro with edamame hummus.
“Obviously the hummus and edamame salad are soybean, but most people don’t realize that the chicken is fed a soybean mill,” Godsey says. “When we did the edamame hummus for this dish we actually liked it so much that we are going to switch over our house hummus to this version.”
The dish is available JTowns Grill between now and December.
Partner restaurants for the Kitchen|Fields Table Tour include:

Check back with us again in January when we feature the feature dish from The Hive. See the full details on the promotion.
Post sponsored by the Kitchn Fields Table Tour and the Soybean Promotion Board

Greg Henderson
Author: Greg Henderson

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