Kitchen Fields Table Tour: The Hive's Ricotta Cavatelli

The Kitchen|Fields Table Tour, a yearlong promotion launched by the Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board (ASPB),  travels to its next feature restaurant in Northwest Arkansas. The Hive, located in the 21c Museum Hotel Bentonville, will serve a soybean-inspired dish from  January – March.
The Kitchen|Fields Table Tour promotes the relationship between the local soybean farmer and the local restaurant industry by  using dishes centered around soybeans.  Arkansas ranks #10 nationally in soybean production and contributes over $2 billion annually to the state’s  economy.
Executive Chef of The Hive, Matt McClure, has made a name for himself since starting The Hive, including multiple James Beard chef award nominations. For this special, McClure created a ricotta cavatelli, which is house made, with fresh soybeans, milled tomatoes, cured pork and hot pepper.
“We are always looking to support the farms in our region which serves our ingredient-driven approach to cooking. I want The Hive’s menu to reflect the Arkansas food story,” McClure tells us. “Soybeans are a huge part of Arkansas produce. I feel like they theoretically really represents Arkansas. I wish I had more access to Arkansas soybeans in my dishes.”
The feature dish is available at The Hive in Bentonville between now and the end of March.
For the inaugural year of the Kitchen|Fields Table Tour, the ASPB has exclusively partnered with four Arkansas restaurants. During each restaurants’ three month feature, a unique dish centered around soybeans is served. Through this program, the Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board continues to educate and make Arkansans aware of the impact they have on our state’s $2 billion soybean industry.
Partner restaurants and feature schedule for the 2015-2016 Kitchen|Fields Table Tour includes:

Check back with us again in April when we feature our final dish from The Southern Gourmasian. See the full details on the Kitchen|Fields Table Tour here.
Post sponsored by the Kitchen Fields Table Tour and the Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board

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