Leap of Faith Brewing Takes Next Step, Announces NLR Location

Leap of Faith Brewing, another addition to the local Little Rock brew community, just announced it’s location. “The actual address will be 701 Magnolia. The building will be completely refurbished with seating for around 75 inside and 40 outside on a deck area,” says brewer Joe Mains.
And why North Little Rock? “The location first of all. It’s one block north of Verizon Arena, almost directly behind the trolley barn, accessible within a block or two of downtown, and kind of creates a Hop District of its own with Diamond Bear and Flyway just a few blocks away,” says Mains.
He adds, “And the view of the skyline of Little Rock and North Little Rock is fabulous! And will be gorgeous at night!”
Next is line for Leap of Faith is to secure capital and licensing and getting the build out done. Tentatively, an opening date is still a year to year and a half out.
When Leap of Faith does open, customers can expect traditional abbey style ales, saisons, IPA’s, a Hefeweizen, and a braggot. “I will have a lot of different styles rotating seasonally, but the abbey style will always be on, a cider will always be on, and hopefully the braggot,” says Mains.

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