Leiva's Coffee Teams up with Rock Town for One of a Kind Premium Roast

Coffee is certainly a wide spectrum of overall quality. On one hand you have that instant¬†Nescafe junk I had to drink in college when I was too poor to afford a coffee pot. Leiva’s new coffee is a long way from that, and a long way from any other coffee on the market you have likely tried.
Leiva’s Coffee, like a few other premium roasters in the state, have developed a very good roasted bean over the years. Carefully sourcing and scientifically roasting for the best flavor possible. For true coffee lovers it is a great time to be alive. Now Leiva’s is rolling out a special roast in time for the holidays that takes their carefully sourced beans, and ages them in a Rock Town Distillery bourbon barrel before roasting.
The beans are aged green over 45 days, frequently rotating the used Rock Town bourbon barrel to expose more of the beans to the bourbon flavor. Then the beans are carefully washed to remove any oak char that came free during rotation. Then roasted to a dark roast.
The result is something very unique.
It is cleverly packaged in a Rock Town whiskey bottle with custom labeling. As soon as you pull the cork top you are hit in the face with bourbon notes. It is something that seems on the surface like it might be overwhelming. The overpowering whiskey slowly loses a bit of the potency along the way, first at grinding then at brewing. The first sip comes on strong with the coffee then finishes with a back end of bourbon.
If you are into whiskey tasting, the progression is something to enjoy. In fact I went back after drinking a bit black and cut it some with a little half and half and found it as enjoyable as cutting a hot whiskey with a little water or ice. The flavors separate a bit and you get a full range on the coffee immediately followed by a full range on the bourbon flavor. I even pulled a bottle of the same Rock Town and found the flavor came across well despite the coffee containing no alcohol.
“This is not meant to be a coffee roast that you pound 7 cups of coffee in a row from your drip machine,” Leiva’s owner Geovanni Leiva says. “It really is meant to be enjoyed slowly, and carefully brewed.”
Drinking coffee all of my life, and increasingly more exclusive roasts over the past few years, it is certainly a unique experience.
The beans, sold whole only, are available immediately for order. The first round is extremely exclusive, so if you want a bottle you need to order soon, as they are already almost sold out. Geovanni says he plans to have a launch party in the next few weeks at Nexus coffee, tentatively scheduled for the 18th. They will have sample pours of the coffee to try it out, details should be finalized soon there.
Leiva’s is also offering a special gift set that includes the bourbon aged coffee, a bag of Leiva’s coffee, and a bottle of their previous Rock Town collaboration, the coffee liqueur, which is one of the best products Rock Town has produced. You can pick up either the individual bottle or the set on their online store.¬†

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