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Ten years ago – even five years ago – a vegetarian wasn’t like to find many options when eating out in Rock City. These days, however, there are options galore for plant-based folks. It’s been a while since we last looked at what veggie dishes/menus are available locally. Next time you’re eating out with your vegan friend or stumped yourself on what to try, check out our guide, which rounds up a few key spots.
When thinking veg-friendly, it’s hard to leave off Baja Grill. The food-truck turned brick-and-mortar has found their niche and truly embraced it. When ordering from their recently updated menu, you choose what you want – taco, nacho, quesadilla, or burrito – and then choose the filling. They have a veggie filling and a mushroom and goat cheese filling as well – and both are quality options.
Which means you also have to visit Local Lime. Probably one of the best places to get a quality veggie quesadilla – although they’re usually something you have to catch on special. If you miss those, however, they have denoted veggie offerings – from tacos to fajitas and beyond.
Also, check out the Fold Botanas & Bar. They have veggie everything – but have you tried the Fried Avocado Torta? What about the Tamales – filled with cheese and jalepenos. If it’s been a while since you’ve been, give them another go-round.

While it might seem counter-intuitive, you can’t go wrong with Big Orange West and Midtown when in search of good veggie dishes. Their veggie burger is second-to-none, as is their Curried Falafel and Lentil Sandwich. Bonus: you can always order the State Fair Fries without chili (and cheese) depending on your restrictions.
Most Asian restaurants offer a variety of veggie-friendly options, but we think Three Fold Noodles and Dumpling Co does an exceptional job of this. Their steamed buns, spicy noodles, and dumplings all come with a tofu, veggie-friendly option – and they’re definitely not skimping on taste. Pro tip: If you can’t choose one, mix them together in a half and half bowl.
Raduno always has several great pizzas, sandwiches, and appetizers ready to go for the vegetarian crowd. Try the Margherita grilled cheese sandwich, plus they have a good selections of salads to go with it. Also, you can always order off menu on the pizzas for a more vegetarian friendly option.
That being said, we also have to mention Zaza’s Pizzeria. The fact that you can basically build you-own anything makes this a great option for veg eaters, plus they often have a seasonal veggie specialty pizza or salad.
South on Main makes a point to create a few veggie options on their seasonal menus. They currently have a Cauliflour Risotto and Mushroom Stroganoff that are better than comfort food. Plus, you can sometimes catch veg-friendly lunch specials – like their recent Veggie Empanadas which we hope they’ll bring back for a second go-round.
When Flyway Brewing opened a little under a year ago, we were stoked for the beer. They have since opened up their taproom to food – and now if you’re veggie-minded you can’t skimp out on their Tofu Bahn Mi. This one is seasoned impeccably – even if you’re not a vegetarian – you should definitely give it a try.

Little Rock staple Trio’s is always dishing up some great options for herbivores. Not only do they have some of the best salads in town, but they carefully source great veggies from local farmers that go into their always changing seasonal offerings.
The Root Cafe is known for its many breakfast, lunch, and soon-to-be dinner options for veg-friendly eaters. You can’t go wrong with the Shiitake Benny or Tofu Scrambler for breakfast. You’ll be hard put to find a better Shiitake Mushroom Burger elsewhere, and the Veggie Brat offerings are out of this world. Bonus: the eatery keeps coveted rotating specials including the infamous Vegan Pancakes.
While you make think of Rosalia’s in Hillcrest as a coffee-sweets option, you might want to think again. Seriously – the delectable Veggie Empanadas will more than guarantee a second visit.
While you can get first rate veggie pasta at West Little Rock’s almost-secret Milford Track, you can also get a pretty killer Veggie Burger, as well as a couple of creative fruit salads. Try it before you knock it.
Izzy’s touts a specialty veggie menu, and definitely warrants a visit. We can’t get over their veggie tamales, plus the Otli Black Bean soup is pretty divine.
An underrated spot for sure, Layla’s Gyros and Pizzeria offers some quality eats for plant-based eaters. The Veggie Pizza and Baba Ghanouj are a few stars among many bright offerings.
You also can’t go wrong with Boulevard Bread. For lunch, opt for the Vegan Hummus Sandwich. And while it can get old ordering fries out as veggie-lover, don’t skimp on the frites if you stop by the Bistro for dinner. Currently you also have to try the Roasted Summer Vegetable Crepes, as well.

If you’d rather, hop over to Hillcrest’s kBird and see what chef and owner Richard Glasgow has on the menu. The Tofu Pad Thai is first rate, and the rotating menu often has one or two other veggie-friendly choices.
Lilly’s Dim Sum Then Some has had a whole section devoted to vegetarians since their inception. In case you were wondering, they offer some of the best veggie spring rolls in town – crisp, fresh, and served alongside a killer sauce. Check out the menu to see the range of options and just know you can’t go wrong trying anything new.
If you want enough offerings to make your head spin, stop by West Little Rock’s Zangna Thai Cuisine. They’ve got so many choices, but you should definitely try something coconut-based at least once. We suggest starting with the Red or Yellow Curry.
The Pantry actually has a special menu for vegetarians, and while it might not include things you can’t find on the regular menu, it has all the veg-based offerings in one place. Don’t skimp out on the Grilled Romaine Hearts, Vegetable Lesco, or the veggie-friendly flatbreads.
You can order a veggie pizza from a number of places in Little Rock, but we think that Vino’s has a pretty solid option – it’s probably that beer-batter crust. Take it a step further and order it in calzone form – you can thank us later.
In terms of having your eats and drinking too, well, don’t bypass the White Water Tavern. The veggie burger is pretty killer, plus there are a number of other veg-friendly items that you’ll have to try next time you’re jonesing for a treat.
Don’t stop at local restaurants. There are some great food trucks like Beast, Fork in the Road, Little Penguin Tacos, Katmandu MoMo, Southern Gourmasian, Slader’s Alaskan Dumplings, Southern Salt, and others who have great vegetarian options that are often more tasty than their meat offerings. In fact we always make sure to have at least a couple of trucks with vegetarian options at every Rock City Eats food truck event.

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