Live Life Chill Closes (Update, Maybe not?)

The warning signs have been going off for months, but it seems Live Life Chill has officially closed their doors according to various food and beverage reps and facebook posts by employees. Additionally, we had several people spot equipment being moved out of the location yesterday reduced hours to weekend lunch and special events.
An update from Live Life Chill, from Sam McFadin, says they are not closing at this time. He plans to reduce hours and staff. The plans currently are to stay open 11-1 Friday and Saturday; 10-3pm on Sunday. They will also be open for private events and the occasional special event at night.
Questions about the spot closing in the future were greeted with a vague “we are open this weekend, and will continue to open as we can” answer. Still, we hope for the best long-term. It is always sad to see any local spot close. Maybe they can pull a Pizza D’s on us and remain open for years to come.
Original Story:

Live Life Chill opened up in the former Rumba location in the River Market back in August. Already going in the spot had several red flags due to one of the owner’s previous restaurant, Daly’s Steakhouse, in Conway. There were talks of massive unpaid bills and lawsuits pending against the ownership group, who also owned the majority of Live Life Chill.
Still, they managed to pull together a quality kitchen and bar staff with some industry vets. Our initial looked showed promise, especially if they could work on plating and find an audience for their brand vision.
Quickly that started to fall apart as most of the talent left in a hurry or were actively looking for positions just a month or so after opening.
The location likely didn’t help a restaurant already on shaky ground. The area relies heavily on foot traffic from tourist, and it has limited visibility from the area of Clinton Avenue where most of the pedestrian traffic is.
We have reached out to Live Life Chill for confirmation but only got an automated message, if we receive a statement we will update this story.

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