Loblolly's Sugar Free and Dairy Free Ice Cream Means Ice Cream For Everyone

Loblolly Creamery, a staple in Little Rock for discerning ice cream lovers, announced a new addition to their regular line-up: sugar-free ice cream. Made with erythritol (the keto-friendly sugar), Loblolly makes it possible for almost anyone, regardless of diet, to feel comfortable ordering their favorite treat.
“We feel that ice cream should be available to all, regardless of dietary limitations. We saw an opportunity to give more to our guests, because everyone deserves a sweet treat!” explained Shelby Houghton, creator of dairy-free and sugar-free recipes at Loblolly.
With their delicious dairy-free and sugar-free ice creams and gluten-free waffle cones, ice cream is for everyone, period.
Though they started out with Dark Chocolate Sorbet and Vanilla Coconut Sorbet at the beginning (a favorite of staff and those who love dairy and dairy-free ice creams alike), they’ve expanded with their flavors to suit the wishes of their customers who love the texture and flavor of their dairy-free and sugar-free ice creams.
Houghton’s favorite is their year-round Dark Chocolate Sorbet with the Berry of the Moment Sauce or topped with Spicy Pepper Syrup, a killer combination when in season.
But, she explained, her all-time favorite dairy-free ice cream was a seasonal flavor. “One of my favorites from last summer was blackberry hibiscus and the color was amazing! A bright fuchsia,” Houghton said with excitement.
Houghton also let us in on a little secret. They’ll be reuniting the hibiscus with another berry soon: “Keep an eye out for hibiscus and Arkansas strawberries this spring!”
Sugar-free ice cream was new territory for Sally Mengel, owner, and Houghton, so they didn’t quite know what the reaction would be. “Thus far, the reaction to sugar-free ice cream has been positive!” said Houghton. “We plan on making more variations of sugar-free. After all, our customers are the motivation!”

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